Python, Ruby, C, C++ – what do these have in common? For most people, the similarity comes in the form of ambiguity. While some have an idea of what these languages are, the ability to actually execute and implement them is a skill that is only mastered by a select few. If you are caught in an internal struggle of whether or not you should be learning a coding language, here are six more reasons to add to the ones you may have already been telling yourself.

1. Create Cool Stuff

Perhaps one thing aspiring programmers and experienced professionals can agree on is that coding lets you do cool stuff. Whether it’s creating a mobile app that lets you hail a taxi or a game that lets you launch birds with attitude, coding skills can be translated into some pretty cool projects.

2. Get Paid Handsomely

While it’s completely wrong to get into programming just for the money, the average salary of programmers does help remedy the headaches that come with learning how to code. Depending on the industry, whether it’s game development, web development, or full-stack programming, the salary will vary.

3. Technologically Independent

Coding plays an integral role in many of today’s technologies, ranging from the basic computer to the high-tech electric car. Having at least a basic understanding of code makes you self-reliant whenever a problem emerges that needs computing prowess.

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4. Mentally Stimulating

Let’s face it, there are too few technologies today that really stimulate and expand man’s knowledge and way of thinking. In fact, most technologies like social media platforms have been dulling the mind by feeding it with mindless content. Coding allows you to be challenged mentally, as most tasks and problems will require you to think of clever and creative ways to solve it.

5. Meet People

The number of programmers today are still relatively low compared to more traditional jobs like doctors and lawyers. Nonetheless, learning a language or two enables you to meet fellow programmers and computer enthusiasts at casual meetups, formal conferences, and webinars. For serious coders, you can elect to take an online master computer science course to boost credentials and expand your knowledge base in a structured manner.

6. Relevance

Indeed, almost everything today is affected by some piece of technology. If you wish to stay relevant, learning the basics of computing is essential. Starting with a coding language puts your foot at the door without necessarily getting yourself into too complicated concepts.

Coding can definitely improve your quality of life. It challenges you mentally and rewards you financially. Of course, it does not come without its complexities. The six tips above will help you march on when the going gets tough.