You own a business, but feel like there is something missing? Is the bottom line hanging low, or are you simply not sure what is the next step to take? Your best bet on finding solutions are your own customers, because they’re the very people who believe in what you do, but they also see the need for your product on the market.

What better way to improve your products if not by asking them to participate and become a part of it all, fortunately – there is a great success rate that comes with this, because people love to be a part of something bigger.

In any case, the customers are always trying to communicate with us, we just fail to listen. So, today, lets take a look at some of the questions that we can directly ask our customers to gain insight, and better understanding of what we should be focusing on.

1. If You Had to Describe Us to Your Friends

Have you ever had a meal in a restaurant, and then have the waiter ask “how as the food?”, well – this is fairly similar, only now you’re asking your customers “how was the product, and how would you describe it to your friends and family?” – you will be surprised to learn that there are concise answers coming out of this, and you might even notice some repeating patterns that give you clues where to look for potential growth.

2. What is Missing in This Product Category

People are always looking for ways to enhance their lives through products, and quite often they’re eager to find something that will solve a problem. You could be that problem solver, given that you take the initiative of asking your customers “What is missing in relation to products like ours, what would you like to see?” – then take that data and see what you can come up with.

3. Do You Mind Taking a Look at Some of Our Ideas

Asking your customers to get involved directly can yield to great results. People love to be a part of something that not everyone is aware of, and if they have the chance to leave feedback, even better. In this case, simply ask your customers “Would you like to work with us on some of the ideas we’ve been thinking over?” – chances are that they will give you hints and clues in directions that you didn’t think of before.

4. Would You Write About Us

Are you lacking reviews/testimonials? It’s easy, send out a notice to your customers asking them to leave some reviews either in email form, or on sites that you’re looking to increase visibility for. At the end of the day, they’re already your customers. As a side note, perhaps focus on those customers who’ve been your customer for over a month or something, so as to give them time to get to know the product personally.

5. What Are Your Thoughts on Competition

There must be at least a few competitors in your market, reaching for the same goal as you are. Let your customers know that you don’t compete, but want to improve the product for everyone. Ask them simple questions as to what they think their competitors are doing right, and what you as a business could do to improve in those areas as well. It’s simple, and cost-effective.

6. What Should Our Next Feature Be

This could make or break your company. If you have a product that has been on the market for a little while, people will have figured out by now what the missing features are, and if you ask your customers this question – they will gladly answer it for you, giving you more insights and ideas to work on. Perhaps, some of them will resonate with the stuff that you were already planning, anyway.

7. Care to Join our Team

The last question to ask is, whether your customers would like to become a part of your team. Of course, this is not a question to ask for every customer, but perhaps those that have proved themselves to be loyal, respectful and insightful in regards how to operate your business and the product side of it. There is always those few customers who care enough to become your employees. Let them know.

Conclusion: –
Asking questions is a wonderful way to learn about your industry, your product, and the people who use it. You could guess and improvise on what the customers want, but the best way to find out is to simply ask them.