There are hardly any students out there that don’t use a PC or a laptop to help them study, organize and plan different activities. We may be so dependent on them that we can’t really imagine what it’d be like to learn without some help from our tech friends!

Since we spend so much of our time staring at PC screens, it’s pretty natural that we want to optimize it in any way possible. Think about it – who finds themselves enjoying an unorganized PC space with lots of potential distractions? If you do, that’s okay, too. But if you’re looking to customize your PC to make it as helpful as possible, these pieces of advice are here for you!

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Now, let’s explore ten cool ways to polish up your PC study buddy!

  • Microsoft Office

Office 365 is a platform that offers many different educational resources for students, as well as instructors. The mission of this platform is to make learning more efficient—and fun! 

The parts that make up this suite offer many ways for individuals to learn as efficiently as possible. Online classes could be simpler than ever – taking notes with Word, practicing presentations with PowerPoint, and collaborating creatively with Teams. And, if you’re a student, this is all completely free!

  • Minimizing Distractions

Students need a distraction-free environment to study. There are several ways to make your PC a way to do so, or at least drown out the sounds coming from background apps. Since Universities have software programs that block distracting applications, there may be some free alternatives out there for those of you who want to do away with them. 

If you’re not into other software blocking possible distractions, you can always talk yourself into doing it. It could be hard to turn off music or apps in the background, but it’s shown to be very helpful in maximizing the amount of material you’ll go through!

7 Cool Ways to Customize Your Study PC

  • Separate Browser Tabs

An excellent way to improve their study skills for many students is to set up a separate browser tab for homework and other resources. Setting aside time for this task can also help you save it. When you’re using your personal computer for studying, keep your place in the browser history. That way, when you return to your main program, all your open tabs are saved with you. 

This might not seem like a big deal if you’re working only on student-related tasks or you’re used to having just one type of browser tab. But many students find it helpful to have a separate tab for study material. 

In some browsers, you can even group or color-code similar tabs! That’s a clever move.

  • Help Against Viruses

This one may be the most important of all customizations for your study computer. According to Microsoft, 1 in 5 students experience some form of computer problem during the school year. The most significant cause of computer problems in the classroom is often related to malware and viruses. 

There are plenty of reasons why an antivirus program might be a good idea for your computing needs. It can help protect you against viruses and spyware that can infiltrate your computer systems and steal personal information. It can also prevent errors in the software that can inadvertently ruin your computer. Investing in a good antivirus program is definitely the way to go!

  • Note-taking Apps

Note-taking applications are an excellent way to take notes while using your computer. Not only can they help you jot down ideas, definitions, and facts, they’re also a great way to take pictures of your notes or even save them and share them with your friends!

Note-taking apps differ in the ways that they organize and store your notes. Some apps will help you find detailed information and links easily. In contrast, others will allow you to get started on a project or idea right away. They also let you save your work so you can come back to it whenever you please. For better organization, these types of apps also allow you to attach images or other files to improve your note-taking abilities! Try out a few different apps, and you’ll see which one you like best.

7 Cool Ways to Customize Your Study PC

  • Organize by Folders

Creating a folder with organized, similar files is a great way to organize them when you’re taking online classes or using your computer to do most of your work. It can also make it easier to find things you’ve either saved or made!

Some students want to keep their study materials organized by type, while others prefer to have a central location where they can store all their documents similar in content or a subject. 

You should also consider how frequently you study and the personality type of your PC. Choosing the best file manager is not hard, but there are some factors you should take into account. Most of the time, your in-built file manager will be more than enough. But suppose you’re into a more detailed organization, including color-coding and tagging. In that case, there are other great apps and programs out there!

  • Enable Backups

If you don’t want to lose all your hard work, you should consider creating a literal backup plan. If you regularly have many documents and pictures with you, backing them up to an external hard drive can be an effective way to ensure that they’re safe. 

It might seem like a minor detail, but backing up your files can make all the difference when it comes to preserving data. If you want to ensure that your files will always be safe and protected, back them up on a separate hard disk or USB flash drive. It’s also a good idea to keep a separate backup of your music, pictures, personal documents, and more if something happens to your primary drive.

Regular backups make all the difference in keeping your files safe and secure!

Make Your PC Your Best Friend

We’ve explored a few ways you can optimize your PC in a relaxing, fun, and innovative way. The most critical steps are installing an antivirus program that will protect your computer and backing up your work every once in a while.

By optimizing your study computer, you help yourself study faster and more efficiently – and even reach those academic goals much quicker! You can take exciting notes and share them with others, organize your files, install excellent programs, and lower distractions in no time!

This will help you focus more on achieving your goals, and in turn, make you a more confident, bright, and knowledgeable student!

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