Email marketing

Email marketing is not dead! Nowadays we have plenty of tools to use in order to promote our business which is why this type of marketing is, unfortunately, overlooked. To some people, email marketing is outdated, a thing of the past, but the reality is different. This marketing strategy is always IN and it constantly has a lot to offer.

Of course, you have to know how to use this marketing technique to your own advantage in order to experience the amazing benefits. Email marketing is a cost-effective solution for both big and small e-commerce stores. If your store is on a tight budget, then email campaigns are your solution for more website traffic or generating leads.

Not long ago, we did everything ourselves, but now the story is different. It has become enough to sign up and use some platform which also allows you to track the progress of every campaign.

Deciding to start with email marketing is easy, but what to do next?

Are you going to send one email after another?

What emails to send in the first place?

For starters, it is of huge importance to avoid repeating common mistakes that people make. Here is the basic rundown of mistakes you should avoid when you’re a rookie in email marketing:

• You send emails from – don’t be surprised if the opening rate of emails is low. It is not uncommon for customers to contact a company/business regarding the content of the email they received. If you don’t allow them to contact you properly, it is a major problem.
• You send image-only emails – while visual clues are always more than welcome, always bear in mind that people do want to read something interesting. Plus, most subscribers don’t have images turned on by default in your email inbox.
• Not linking to your website – email marketing is an excellent opportunity to get more traffic on the official website. To make it happen, feel free to add your site’s links to the email.
• You ignore mobile – everyone’s using smartphone nowadays, which only emphasizes the importance of making sure your emails are mobile-friendly
• You keep sending one email after another – even though consistency is important, don’t overdo it. There is, absolutely, no reason to keep sending one email after another. Current or potential customer may find all these sudden emails in their inbox quite overwhelming. As a result, they may hit the unsubscribe button

Email marketing campaigns will generate more success when you know what emails to send. But, how can I know such thing? That’s what you’re probably asking yourself at this point.

Creative minds from the came up with a highly practical infographic about different emails you can send if you have an e-commerce store. You don’t have to go from one page to another in order to find out what emails to send. And most certainly you will avoid opening a website with utterly unhelpful tips and tricks that only make everything worse.

The infographic features seven different kinds of email messages you should send to your customers. Plus, every section also features tips and tricks that allow you to create stronger emails.

If you have ever wanted to find out why your emails remain unopened, you’ll find the answer if you scroll down. The infographic shows the most common reasons why customers ignore your messages. Naturally, you can use this info to adjust your emails and improve the entire strategy for even more traffic on your e-commerce website.

You’ll find the infographic below! Scroll down to see different types of messages you can send today and get more visits to your e-commerce website.
kinds of email messages