Attempting to manage each and every social media account that you have can be tricky, time-consuming, and scary. For instance, while you are busy updating your status on Facebook, you may have forgotten to tweet.

Speaking about tweets, what is the finest time to send a tweet out to your followers?
Ugh. This can give a migraine to you easily.

Thankfully, we reside in a time and world where the developers are rectifying this problem! Nowadays, there are lots of tools using which we can update as well as monitor all our accounts from one suitable location. The only disadvantage is that a few excellent tools have been either disabled or are acquired by a few of the top brands – TweetDeck belongs just to Twitter and another tool Summify was acquired by Twitter and Twitter will be shutting it down, for instance.
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However, that does not mean there is not remarkable software still accessible to manage all the social media accounts you have.
To make life easier, here are the top 8 tools to help you manage all social media accounts.

1.  Crowdbooster

Crowdbooster focuses on collecting data from your Twitter and Facebook feeds. While it won’t compile diverse social media accounts at one suitable location, it’ll give you some imperative information about your social media strategies, like when are people most likely to see your latest video uploads or images.
Other features consist of being capable to evaluate impressions, total engagement, and reach. This will let you modify and enhance your approach by knowing what’s working and what’s not. Another great feature is alerts regarding new Twitter members that might be interested in your brand or you.
Unfortunately, Crowdbooster doesn’t offer a free alternative, but the lowest of the plans will set you back only $9 per month and allow up to 50K followers. It might be worth this investment if you have a business.

2. Sprout Social

This is another clever tool which can post, manage, monitor, and analyze numerous social media accounts just from one location. You could,, for example, search for content in its Feedly integration, reply to the messages on Twitter and Facebook, and schedule posts. You can also examine messages across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ personal profiles throughout on streaming inbox. However, that is not all. This tool also provides analytics in order that you can envisage imperative metrics.
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You can even sign up for free trial, but just after that you will need to select one among the three packages of $39, $59, or $99 a month. It can cost a little more than the other tools, but can be an excellent investment for the businesses that are greatly social.

3. Everypost

This is a useful app which lets you post all your updates on the main social networks from only one place at a time. Just write your messages, add videos or photos, and hashtags, send off to Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook, or through e-mail. Another cool feature tends to be Twitter text shortener. It will shorten the tweets automatically so that they are below 140 characters. While some glitches might be there to correct, it is a free, and useful app.

4. Spredfast

This is an exceptional tool if you are looking to measure the data gathered from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube, like being able to notice to how many people have you reached and whether your targeted audience is actually engaging with you or not. The data is presented clearly in formatted graphs. In addition to the highly developed analytics tools, other useful features are also there, like a calendar which informs you about optimal tweeting time.
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5. Buffer

This is one among the most famous social media message sharing and scheduling applications available. With just one simple click you will be capable to share content as well as schedule posts through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Basically, it lets you stagger content all through the day in order that the social media feeds possess consistent updates and you can schedule before time, which is quite handy. And, there is analytics about reach and engagement of your posts.
This tool offers a short term free trial period only. After that, for $10 per month only, you can quickly schedule as many of your posts as you wish for, utilize up to twelve social profiles, and can have 2 team members assigned for one account.

6. SocialOomph

It has the capability to schedule your tweets for the whole day and it can auto-follow all your new followers. In addition, you can utilize the dashboard to merge Plurk, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and your blog in one place to schedule posts and monitor social media activities.
While the application has a free edition, there is a paid “professional” alternative which features a lot of useful tools to increase your social media efficiency.
Monitor Social Media Activities

7. Tweepi

Of all social media networks, Twitter could be the most intimidating. If that is the real case for you, this tool is only what you’ve been searching for. There is a fast management tool that will let to flush unfollowers, reciprocate by following, cleanup inactive, and follow new attractive tweets. A plain and sometimes vicious way to keep the Twitter account neat.
There are Silver and Platinum levels to select from. But, if you buy Tweepi yearly, it’s 17 percent cheaper.

8. HootSuite

In case you are looking for the most excellent, this is probably your top selection. This is the most famous social media accounts management tool. Besides being capable to execute campaigns on multiple social media networks from one online dashboard, you also can manage social media, measure campaign results, and track conversations. HootSuite also provides a custom fitted analytics system and capability to schedule your posts on all the platforms.
Hootsuite provides a free, a pro and enterprise option to suit the requirements of small businesses, individuals, and large organizations.

This list and these tools is sure to help you with managing all your social media accounts in an efficient way.