8 WordPress Plugins To Help Drive Traffic To Your Website

When your website is considered, you wish to take full benefit of any technology, which helps to capitalize on your efforts and get much more online traffic to your website. Besides creating impressive content which you consistently post, what else can be done to leverage the traffic flow?

These days, there are some unbelievable WordPress plugins that could help you to optimize, audit and market your website to assist you increase the traffic. So, here are the 8 great ones for you:

1. WP to Twitter

An excellent outlet for your content to go viral is Twitter. WP to Twitter WordPress plugin can create an automatic post to your own Twitter account of your content. You don’t need to copy links or try to paste them in an effective tweet any longer. Your post to the Twitter plugin will automatically do it for you whenever you publish any new content. Get your content published on Twitter automatically through this easy to install and handy plugin and watch your traffic increase through tweet shares.

2. Sharebar

It is a simple to install WordPress plugin which synchronizes with the large social media outlets such that visitors can share your content easily. Sharebar links your site page or article to the individual’s social media and then creates a link between your site and their accounts. This means enhanced exposure via organic sharing, which is not only great for your website traffic, but for your SEO rankings too. You can select which social media channels you wish to make available which best suit your content and Sharebar then displays those channels next your post. If you do not have Sharebar plugin already, just don’t delay installing it.
Echance Your SEO

3. All in One SEO Pack

Enhancing your SEO will assist your website rank better in the search engines and higher rank means that your website will show up high in more search engine results, which then helps to increase web traffic. The simpler you’re to locate, the more web traffic will gradually continue to come your way. This WordPress plugin can automatically add the important tags and fields that you’ll require on every page and with every content post to assist you capitalize on your website. It can optimize your titles for search engines and automatically generate Meta tags for every post. This also assists by sifting through the content and avoids any duplicate content posts. For a fully automated experience, All in One SEO plugin is your way.

4. SumoMe Popups & Headers

The SumoME website offers a lot of both paid and free plugin options that really can help your website go far. SumoMe suite of different options is quite extensive. It provides features like HeatMap, which displays you where most of the web traffic is focused onto your website, providing you insights about where the visitors are clicking as well as exploring the most in your site. Then there are some tools like Opt-in bar that pops up with subscribed messages based on the criteria you program. The SumoME offers some share tools for the social media, content analytics tool and Scroll Box for an on-site opt-in. All its hearty offerings are well developed, unbelievably simple to utilize and though they work greatly on WordPress, SumoMe plugin can work on a range of platforms as well.
Websitez Mobile Optimization

5. Websitez Mobile Optimization

Do you know mobile browsing surpasses desktop and laptop browsing? Despite this reality many businesses still do not have a mobile version of their website. A website that isn’t optimized for mobiles will make the users drop off because of the clunky and at times completely unmanageable navigation experience. With Websitez Mobile Optimization, you can instantly and easily format mobile version of your website.

6. Scribe

Content marketing tends to be an excellent tool in the hunt for a high SEO ranking. That is where a separate plugin like Scribe can be handy. It helps with your content strategy research part. It has a search functionality which you can utilize to write down the best content which matches with the trends and terms that are good for your website. By aligning your contents with the correct search terms on the Internet, this plugin helps you to create not only important content but also the most appropriate content for search rankings. It features a website connector tool which helps you to find key influencers and bloggers with similar titles, topics and websites to yours, therefore, you can share your content potentially or see what is working well for the other to emulate. It is a very helpful tool to capitalize on creating relevant content which is optimized to get more traffic to your website.
Content Potentially

7. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin lets you check out how much search engine friendly any content is, prior to you post it. You are offered with preview of what the post will look like and you can then input focused keywords to find out how many times they are used in the title, URL, post, etc. Then you can take steps to make the content SEO friendly and make more and more people click on them. All this can be edited from post editor page easily and it becomes an element of how you end up your post, together with tags, category, excerpt, and featured image.

8. Facebook Comments

The posts that have many comments are good for your website’s community and for SEO too. Make it simple for the people to give comments on your content and posts by enabling them to comment through Facebook, with Facebook Comments plugin. Not just can the readers log in for commenting your website via their Facebook accounts; however, once they are logged in, then they can easily post and share your contents in a flawless experience.

We are sure that these WordPress plugins will help you to increase the traffic to your website in the fastest possible time.