Performance-Boosting Apps

If you are an entrepreneur, you are bound to be juggling many things on a daily basis. You may have several projects in the works, and other things that you are doing on a daily basis. To ensure that you stay on top of everything, and can manage the pressure, you need some help. A well designed app will help you organize your schedule and streamline things so that your life can get much easier. Apps designed for entrepreneurs make it easier for you to prioritize tasks so that you can take care of what is most important first. Furthermore, if you have a team, you can organize them as well so that you are better able to meet the goals of your organization.

With the right application, you can boost your performance. It will help you implement your strategies and techniques so that you can attain your goals. Here are 9 performance boosting apps worth checking out.

1. Asana

This is an excellent project management app that any entrepreneur will find useful. Once you set it up, you will be able to reduce your internal emails, check the status of your projects and also delegate tasks easily, quickly and conveniently from one point. You will be able to track all your projects from start to finish. As a team leader, everyone in your team will know what they should be doing at any given time to ensure that projects are finished on time. Start a team very easily with Asana.

2. Evernote

This is one of the most popular online note-taking apps available today. It comes with simple as well as advanced note management tools that you can use with ease however you like. Most of these tools are available for free to app users. It is not just a note-taking app but also a note-storage app, from where you can easily access your notes for editing as well as for tagging in other documents. The app is accessible for different devices and is cloud based. It is the best way for an entrepreneur to stay organized.

3. Venmo

This is an app that will help you send money quickly and securely whenever you are faced with a need to. There are no forms you will be required to fill and there are no fees or payments, therefore it is a great alternative to some of the leading platforms like PayPal. It is an absolutely free digital wallet that can be very useful to an entrepreneur who is keen on saving money when making payments and purchases. You can also receive money through the app with ease from people who owe the business.

4. UberConference

Conference calls that are made on the go may or may not be successful. You need to know and see who you are talking to easily as well as their social profiles for the calls to be productive and the best way to achieve this is through use of Uber Conference. You will be able to see all the participants and record all your meetings so that you will not miss an important point in the meeting. This way, you will not have to worry about the struggle associated with conference calls.

5. FlipBoard

This is the best app for entrepreneurs who want to stay updated on news and industry changes that affect their businesses. It is a very easy to use this app and a great time savior since you will not have to go through different websites to capture the latest news. It gathers information from social networks, blogs and new publications, then summarizes it in one place to keep you up to date every day. It is available on different platforms including smart phones and tablets.

6. Pocket analytics

Pocket Analytics
Perhaps the most important information in any business is the status of that business, and this is something entrepreneurs should be aware of all the time. You need to know how well or even how bad your business is doing in the market. Web analytics is also equally important and pocket analytics is an app that can give you the right information continuously. With it, you will get access to easy-to-read mobile overview and a control panel that keeps track of different services in your business. This will help you know the status of your business even before going through the actual reports.

7. Invoice2Go

This is a professional invoice app that will ensure that you are invoicing your customers whenever you need to without fail. With it, you will always send professional-looking invoices quickly, irrespective of where you might be. It is an important app to end issues many businesses face with billing and forgotten amounts. Instead of spending the entire weekend sending invoices, do all your billing on the spot.

8. TripIt

This is a very useful app for entrepreneurs who travel a lot. It will help you track your travel mainly for organization purposes and also to track down on your expenditure and for tax filing purposes too. If you have had a hard time keeping your travel information in one place for the above reasons, this is an app that will help a lot. It is an app that you can access while on the go, allowing you to record every information you will need after the trip.

9. TrackMaven

This app will help you stay ahead of your competition, which is a great challenge for many entrepreneurs. The competition is high in many industries, but you can be able to identify marketing opportunities and to optimize your content in order to outshine your competition. With the app, you will also be able to track your competitor’s content and marketing strategies just so you know where you stand in relation to them.

There are so many other great apps available today, meant to make the work easier for entrepreneurs for them to become more productive and successful thereafter. These are a must have for anyone that is in business today.