Today, there are several resources that students and other working professionals can use to boost their profiles. Across the internet, one can find several credible and well-known platforms and services that easily cater to the needs of job seekers.

Of all the platforms that working professionals can use, LinkedIn has consistently been known as one of the best and most beneficial ones. It is so widely used by all types of professionals that it is widely regarded as Facebook for business professionals.

Yet, upon learning the overall usability and impact of the platform, its creators couldn’t stop at only having an online meeting space. The markets were growing at such a rapid pace that they simply had to innovate, create, and launch new products. Thus, because of LinkedIn’s growing popularity, the platform started serving the people what they wanted and needed the most.

In today’s article, we will take a look at some of the things people can do to increase the efficacy of their LinkedIn profiles. In no particular order, here are 9 things that will help you create a perfect LinkedIn resume.

Add a Professional Profile Picture & Cover Photo

To boost one’s chances of getting hired, one should always clean but match profile pictures and cover photos on their profiles. For LinkedIn, it is always advised to have the most up-to-date photo on your profile pictures. This helps in building rapport and trust from the start.

Research & Use the Best Keywords 

Today’s digital content, especially when it comes to the text, is largely dictated by the appropriate use of keywords. In this context, keywords are all those words that can accentuate one’s profile to people and LinkedIn’s in-built platform. The use of the right keywords can also help in boosting one’s profile ranking in Google’s search engine and more.

Additionally, job seekers are often stuck with questions like how to select the best keywords or what to put as LinkedIn headline. One can use services like LinkedIn profile writing service ( to receive answers and solutions to their problems. Such services are offered by top-rated platforms like topresume reviews allowing employers to hire experts from relevant fields.

Use the Summary Section Appropriately

The summary section can help individuals bring all of their experiences, links, and stories in one place. Yet, one should always be cognizant of keeping their summaries precise and informative. To write a good summary, include all the main points in the profile. Start with collecting the necessary information to make the summary text more detailed.

Include the Best Recommendations 

Today, LinkedIn has reached such heights that employers don’t look further than a candidate’s LinkedIn profile for job selection. Although, there are a few factors that can help favor a few candidates’ profiles over others. One of the main factors is the recommendations given by other LinkedIn users on a candidate’s profile. Recommendations on LinkedIn almost serve the same purpose as references on one’s profile.

Add Your Abilities & Skills

One of the main requirements to create and maintain a good profile is to at least keep all the sections filled and up-to-date. LinkedIn provides a ‘Skills & Endorsements’ section so users can list all of the main skills in their profiles. 

Although one can add up to fifty skills in this section, other members can directly only see the top three. One’s skills can also be endorsed and backed by other LinkedIn members and this adds more weight to their profiles. But, to get the most benefits, one should focus on dispersing their main abilities and skills throughout their profile.

Use the Featured Section Wisely!

LinkedIn’s ‘Featured Section’ allows individuals to showcase their best pieces of work. This section is usually used to highlight one’s main career achievements. One can easily include their website (portfolio) links, featured articles, and various other forms of media and text. This section can also help applicants brand their profile, business, and services.

Add Your LinkedIn Profile (Link) on Your Resume & All Other Documents/Platforms

Because of its importance as one of the most powerful tools in landing jobs, one’s LinkedIn profile should be added everywhere. Its importance can also be attested by the fact that some individual job postings also require one’s LinkedIn information. Thus, one should make it a point to add links and other account-related information to all of their career documents and resources.

Add All the Relevant Media & Links

Today’s best profiles and portfolios are all complemented by various forms of engaging visual media. And this is a lot easier to go through because most of today’s information has digital copies in one form or the other. This means that candidates can also use some of these digital copies to accentuate their career profiles. Thus, when it comes to a modern digital medium like LinkedIn, one should always use various forms of media and links to boost their profiles.

Here are some bonus tips to help you create the best LinkedIn profile: 

  • Use LinkedIn regularly and not only when you need a job.
  • Customize and tailor your data and media according to your niche.
  • Be sure that your main information matches everywhere – on your LinkedIn, portfolio website, and resume.
  • Regularly engage with the community and learn to give back what you receive.

The Bottom Line

Several of the tips mentioned above are officially recognized and encouraged by LinkedIn for working professionals to use. Creating and maintaining one’s LinkedIn profile appropriately not only helps one in the present but also in the future. Thus, one should also be cognizant of using LinkedIn regularly and in a way that attracts natural and organic growth.