While startups such as Airbnb, Snapchat, Dollar Shave Club, Dropbox, and Uber get all attention, there are many of other startups who deserve to be put in the spotlight now. Whether you are a customer wanting to remain on the top of latest trends or a business owner, here are 9 unique startups you might not have thought of but should definitely get your attention.

1. Mourner Rental Services

Making your whole business about funerals and death may feel a little morbid, but someone has to do that. Death is an unlucky fact of life, thus some businesses, such as Rent a Mourner, tries to make it easier to handle.
Rent a Mourner, the UK business, allows you to employ specialized mourners to attend wakes and funerals. According to this company’s website, mourners are “naturally invited to assist increase visitors to the funerals where there might be a lower turnout anticipated,” noting that this often can be because of being new to the city or country or popularity.

2. Fantasy Dating Agency

Are you a single gal looking for a more appealing love life? This weird business is definitely for you. The Fantasy Dating Game tends to be like a mature version of “Truth And Dare,” and it is way more appealing than your previous boyfriend’s dream football league.
Suzanne Casamento, creator of Fantasy Dating, said she created her business because she was tired and sick of hearing her girlfriends complain regarding their dull love lives.
Much as fantasy sports leagues, Fantasy Dating Game lets single women to make points by simply flirting with boys at Starbucks, slipping the numbers to attractive bartenders and going for actual dates.

3. The Organization For Cuddling

At times you simply need somebody to cuddle with. Guess what? There is a business that is willing to help you — Cuddle Party.
It is a “humorous social event intended for adults to discover communication, affection, and boundaries.” These events are secure spaces where the attendees can go, meet and speak to new people and to practice permission and asking for whatever they wish for, and to cuddle openly. Cuddling with strangers might sound as a strange idea, but there is value in their aim to teach boundaries, affection, consent, non-sexual touch and communication.
Cuddle Party hosts its events throughout Canada and the United States, so whether you reside in New York, Ontario or California — or anywhere else — if you are looking to cuddle, then attend an event close to you.
touch and communication

4. Retro-Arcade Manufacturers

What will you do if your sweetheart request for Ms. Pac-Man machines for Christmas? Now, if you are Michael Ware — Dream Arcades founder, a California-based business specializing in re-creation of vintage arcade games — then you just create her one.
The Dream Arcade machines make use of Multiple Arcades Machine Emulator software to take the retro-gaming fans back to the splendor days of Asteroids, Pac-Man, and Dragon Lair.

5. Dog-Sledding Business

New Hampshire’s adventurists can get the feel for running Iditarod, big thanks to a locally based company. Muddy Paw Sled Dogs Kennel presents a range of dog-sledding tours, ranging from a fast, 20 minutes ride to an overnight voyage through the White Mountains. The company comprises over 100 sled dogs, like Malamutes, Siberians, and Alaskan Huskies.
The company let participants network with the dogs as well as learn aspects of culture that many individuals never got to experience.

6. Ancestor Detective Services

Unraveling the branches of a complicated family tree can be tedious. That is where the Ancestral Discoveries come into the role. This business helps people interested in researching personal family histories.
Most people interested in their family history usually come to Ancestral Discoveries either because they have got stuck in their study somewhere or because they wish to know the data but aren’t inclined to perform the research themselves.
Detective Services

7. Spandex Suit Retailer

Sports fans, attention: This Company offers you the chance to show your exact colors. Since 2008, the Superfan Suits is creating full-body spandex outfit for sports fans seeking to make a great impression at stadium. The suits, obtainable in a range of colors, cover each inch of your body.
You don’t need to be any sports fan to put on one among the spandex bodysuits. This company also offers an extensive range of textures, patterns and prints. There also are themed costumes, like skeletons, aliens, and Santa Claus. This company also offers open-face suits for those people who do not like the thought of having their whole heads covered.

8. Triple Threat Of Socks Companies

Doing your laundry appears like a mundane daily-life activity, but reality is, whenever you put lots of your dirty clothes in wash, you are taking a big risk. Somewhere in this journey from hamper to dresser, you may lose one among your favorite socks. Then what will you do?
Relax, with Throx, you don’t need to deal with another lost leftover sock. The company helps clients fight the notorious sock monster simply by selling the socks in threes and not pairs. This way, if you lose one, then you have still got your backup sock in order to keep another one company.
people interested

9. vPrank Candle Company

The scented candles are basically a home staple, and about everybody appreciates a harmless, good prank. So what will happen when you join the two?
That is what brothers Mark Ward and Tyler were thinking when they began their business, the WTF Prank Candles. These prank candles begin out smelling superb, with popular scents such as freshly cleaned laundry and apple pie, but after some time, things go south. That sweet-smelling smell of forest pine, for instance, ultimately gives way to terrible smell of skunk.  Moreover, the individual being pranked will not know it unless it is too late.