Must Have Android App for Engineers

Google Play Store is a digital distribution platform handled by Google and has more than 1.43 million active apps and over 50 billion downloads. It was released on October 2008 and serves as an official store for Android apps. The Google play offers app to Android users either free of cost or they have to spend few dollars.

As the technology keeps on bringing new innovations, smartphones have now entered our life. With the launch of smartphones our dependency on mobile apps has increased drastically. With just a swipe of finger you can listen to songs, manage tasks, play games, check latest news updates and can do many more things.

There are also some apps which have advanced features and can assist professionals to accomplish their tasks easily. It does not matter which field you are from, you will get an app which meets your requirement. Here we bring you 10 must have Android app which every aspiring engineering should download. We have classified these apps in 4 mainstream engineering domains – Engineering, Computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical/electronics and communications engineering.

Useful apps for Computer Science engineering students

1) Programming Algorithms: Free

Programming Algorithms

This app covers all the topics you need to prepare for cracking any interview related to programming. It also provides algorithm for complex topics such as trees, graphs and linked lists. It also provides detailed description for dynamic programming, searching and sorting, backtracking, divide and conquer, pattern searching, bit algorithms and greedy programming. It is an all in one app for all programming languages like C, C++, and Java.

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2) C Programming: Free

C Programming

If you want to master C language and revise the concepts whenever possible, this app is for you. This app covers the whole syllabus of C language and has more than 100 programs with output for each one of them. The simple user interface makes thing easier to understand. With just one click you can share program and tutorials. The FAQ provided in each section makes you familiar with the type of questions being asked in the interview

3) Wi-Fi Analyzer: Free

Wifi Analyzer

As the name goes this app analyses all the available Wi-Fi networks. It tells the user about available networks and which one to use, based on the network traffic. It shows available networks in a user friendly way by plotting a graph based on the signal strength and traffic which is very easy to understand. You can also view which channel is busiest and therefore can put your router on different channel to enjoy high bandwidth.

4) X-plore File Manager: Free

X-plore File Manager

This app is very useful for network administrators and facilitates user in transferring file on different servers, local networks, PC and subnets. The basic feature of this app is to manage folder structure by deleting, compressing, copying, moving, zipping, sharing, extracting etc.

5) Learn Java: Free

Learn Java

Java is one of the most popular languages for development in the world. There are many renowned companies working on Java and there are lot of job opportunities. This app is a perfect platform to learn Java in fast and effective manner. The app has 64 lessons and covers every topic of Java in detail.

Useful apps for Mechanical engineering students

1) Mechanical Engineering Toolbox: Free

Mechanical Engineering Toolbox

This app is designed by keeping in mind various difficulties faced by mechanical engineers. Though the name of the app gives you an impression that it is designed specifically for mechanical engineers but it can be used by HVAC engineers, civil engineers, naval architect and any other engineers that use same unit conversions and mathematics. It allows unit conversion in 74 unit types and more than 1000 units.

2) Learn Thermodynamics: Free

Learn Thermodynamics

This app provides an ideal platform to learn applied thermodynamics by including over 190 exercises and questions. This app remembers the state of every user and questions which are answered correctly are rarely repeated while those answered incorrectly are repeated. The app covers topic such as thermodynamic processes, first and second law of thermodynamics, fundamental terms of thermodynamics and many more.

3) Frame Design: Free

Frame Design

This app help architects, mechanical engineers, students and civil engineers who want to design 2D frames. It takes input and also allows you to edit supports, forces, hyper static structures both textually and graphically.  With this app you can import any steel profile or a general section from free engineering libraries, import dxf files, share picture, undo functions, scale entire structure, use automatic dimension lines and much more.

Useful apps for Electrical/Electronic and Communication engineering students

1) Electro Droid: Free


This app is popular amongst electrical and electronic engineers with more than 105,000 downloads. This app includes SMD resistor, ohm’s law calculator, voltage divider, operational amplifier, LED resistor calculator, power calculator, decibel converter, frequency converter and many more features. This app also helps you to add plug-in to extend functionality of the application.

2) Droid Tesla: Free

Droid Tesla

Droid Tesla is a simple and powerful SPICE engine. SPICE is an abbreviation for Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit. Emphasis. Droid Tesla simulator explains basic resistive circuits using Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL).

3) All Charts: Free

All Charts

This app is particularly designed for electrical engineers. This app helps in calculates voltage drops, percentage fills and is crammed with many other remarkable features as well. This app is given a rating of 4.5 stars.

General apps for all engineering students

1) Basic Engineering: Free

Basic Engineering

If you are looking to make a career in engineering and want to get familiar with basics of engineering terms you must download this app. With this app you can search more than 5500 technical words and it also has pictorial equations and formulas to make learning easier. It has categories like aluminium and metals, hydraulics, cables and wires, operating systems, networking, programming language, computational science, software engineering and many more.

2) Maths Formula: Free

Maths Formula

Nice app for engineering students. Available in several languages, this is a perfect app on Google play store that provides all basic principles/formulas in mathematics.

3) Complete Physics: Free

Complete Physics

Complete Physics is an app for any student planning to become good in physics. This app helps students to learn basics in physics. Tutorials are available that covers wide range of topics. Also it includes physics multiple choice questions and Provide solutions. Access to physics dictionary so you can learn different physics terms and definitions.

SmartPhones have created ripples in this era of technology, now you can get direction, play games, order pizza, access social networking, and get weather updates etc. on your fingertips.  With the increase in number of mobile phones business are developing innovative mobile apps to target users. So, hopefully after going through this article you must have found an engineering app that suits your requirement.

Are you also familiar with some exciting Android apps for engineers; then you must have something to add to this list? Feel free to comment below and let us know of some more Android apps that can be used by engineers.