The power of videos in the online marketing world can be explained by the following statistics:

  • 64% of users prefer to buy a product or a service from a business after watching a video on their website.
  • 80% of marketing experts use video content.
  • 85% of the US population watches online videos.
  • 51% marketers believe that online videos have the best ROI.

These stats show a clear picture that video marketing has indeed grown exponentially and is still growing.

Coming to animations, a lot of businesses rather than using conventional videos for marketing, use animations. Why ? Because:

  • It improves online visibility.
  • Explanatory videos help connect with a larger audience.
  • They keep users hooked and interested, which helps reduce bounce rates.
  • It is a unique way to market products and services.

If you are still confused then here’s why animations are an effective business marketing tool:

More Conversion

What does every business want? To be able to convert as many users as they can. Animations can help in this regard.

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Since you have a short window to make an impression on a user when he first visit your website, animations are your best bet. They are simple, understandable and most importantly, fun to watch and this largely helps in converting a user.

Customer conversion rates also increase due to the fact that animations are easy to share. Extensive sharing increases the chances of more sales and more conversions.

Animations become marketing tools Be Used To Market Any Product, Service Or Topic

Sometimes, it can get a bit awkward to market a sensitive product through conventional videos. Here, you can use animations to connect with the audience and properly market that product or service without any hesitation.

Also, with animations, one can craft exceptional explanatory videos, how to videos and fun videos with little effort. You can easily explain a complex topic using animations. Just look for an animation company like Spiel to get the job done.

Good For SEO

SEO is the prime player in the world of marketing. Without good SEO strategies, a business can’t reach a good audience. Fortunately, animations on a website can boost SEO as well.

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Google search algorithm prefers websites that have a low bounce rate. According to reports, users spend 2.6x more time on websites that have videos. This reduces bounce rate and helps SEO.

Including animations on the website can increase your search engine rankings and bring you more traffic.

Displays Professionalism

There are a lot of new businesses that might be using videos but in a very unprofessional way such as by using low quality videos, out of focus camera etc. This is not the case with animations. They reflect the impression that considerate amount of time was spent on making animations which is why users are more likely to trust businesses that have animations on the website.

Using animations in your business can really turn your marketing around and allow you to reach an extensive audience.