App flipping is a term that we’ve been hearing a lot during the last couple of years, and this trend was able to revolutionize the app world. If you don’t know what it is, we’re talking about app-reskinning: basically using an existing source code of an app to create something totally new and original. If you’re looking to make a small investment that has high returns, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ll talk about how choosing app flipping to build your app will let you save a lot of time and money.

Create a totally original app

Even though the basic concept of app flipping is improving an already existing idea, you can still create something entirely new without having to develop it from scratch.

You’ll be wondering ‘Why bother creating something original when I can just imitate someone else’s app?’. Well, you could, but if users have to choose between two apps that have too much in common they will most likely prefer to download something that’s been on the market for a while and that other people have already tested. If instead you differ from the others, you’ll give them a reason to try your app and you’ll have more chances to succeed.

The first step to get into app-flipping is purchase an app template. Find a good website that has enough range from which you can choose and pick the one you’d like to reskin. Chupamobile for example, is the leading app template marketplace with over 1,500 app and game templates of any kind that are easy to reskin. With the most basic app template and a great idea in mind you’ll be able to create something unique simply by changing the graphics and other in app effects. Playing this card will benefit you in many ways but most of all you’ll be a step ahead from your competitors.

Low cost & high revenues

To build an app from the ground you will need a lot more money. With app flipping instead, you can easily triple your initial investment without trying too hard. It also reduces costs that you would otherwise spend to hire competent developers. The app business is definitely a competitive one but at the same time your chances to succeed aren’t so far away. The whole concept of flipping an app relies in reducing initial investment costs and rising profits. Once you get familiar with it, you’ll realize that the amount of money spent to re-skin your app is nothing compared to the business opportunity you’ve just created.

Save Time

This is best part of app flipping; time. Having to build an app from nothing it’s not an easy work, you’ll have to go through coding, testing, designing and so on. But most of all it will take you a lot of time, just coding might take you months of writing and even when you’re done, it might have bugs you’ll have to fix. By using ready-made app templates you won’t need to worry about that, all the app templates have already been tested and are fully functional. Getting your app on the app stores in a short amount of time is a big advantage in today’s fast moving world; if you build an app from scratch by the time you get it published it might not be a novelty anymore. App flipping will allow you to have your app ready in half of the time and it’s probably the fastest and most profitable business model based on its timeframe. Once you’ll get an understanding of how it works you’ll start flipping faster and with more apps, additionally, you’ll be able to get your app on the stores sooner than your competitors.

No dev skills? No problem!

A huge advantage of app flipping is that anyone can do it. You don’t need to be an experienced developer to have your app launched in the market. All you have to do is get a good app template and have a clear idea of your finished product. Sites like Chupamobile provide an app customization service for all those who don’t have coding skills but still wish to create their own app. In a couple of weeks you’ll be able to get your app ready and then, all you’ll have to worry about is market it properly.

Press repeat and grow app portfolio

Now that you know why and how app flipping works, all you need to do is repeat the process over and over again. It’s the best way to grow your portfolio with great apps in a small amount of time. You’ll no longer see time as an issue, instead, your output will be your goal. The more experience you’ll get at flipping apps, the easier it will be and the more apps you’ll publish. With a single app template you’ll be able to create as many quality apps as you want for different niche categories. And obviously more apps you have, higher are the chances to hit the jackpot.

Now that you know all the 5 reasons, all you’ve left to do is practice app flipping. And what better way to start than by getting your first app template. Head over to Chupamobile and choose your favorite one, and of course don’t forget to let us know how it went. Enjoy!

Leya is content manager at Chupamobile. Passionate about the app business and app trends, she writes about all that’s going on in the app’s world. To be updated about the next posts, you can follow the Chupamobile blog on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.