Apple’s upcoming major iOS 9 update will focus on providing greater stability and destroying bugs to optimize its operating system as reported by 9to5 mac few hours ago. From its initial release in 2007, Apple has provided timely and big updates of its operating system for iPhone, iPod and iPad every year. For Apple, change in updates of iOS technically meant a purpose to introduce its new device in the market.

In its 2013 for iOS7 update, Apple entirely overtook its user interface by adding exciting features like Touch ID and Control Centre to its devices.

Later in 2014 for iOS 8 it again styled its interface also added new features like Apple Pay, Apple Health Kit, iCloud Drive, new notifications, and third party keyboard simultaneously working hard on Apple Watch. iOS 8 was possibly most challenging update launched by Apple till now. It has also provided developers with new tools, providing more freedom for developers than previous versions.

Now in 2015, Apples iOS 9 which is named as Monarch will be implemented with lots of new improvements. Reports say that engineers of iOS are not only focusing on adding new features in iOS 9 update but they are also concentrating more on cementing errors, performance boosting and maintaining stability of its new update in Operating system. Apple is also trying to manage the size of its updates and the OS, so that owners of 16GB iPhones won’t face any problems while downloading and using it.

It’s still not clear if iOS 9 would support recent devices like iPhone 5c, 5th generation iPod touch and Original iPad mini. Because if these devices are discontinued by this year-ending then all the remaining Apple devices available will be having A7, A8 and A9 processors of 64-bit. This will eventually be easier for development of Apple as well as for other app developers.

Taking the example of Apple’s Snow Leopard update of OS X Mac in past, it has done the same thing by its improving stability and increasing performance of its previous desktop update which was Leopard.

After the great positive result of Snow Leopard in 2009 for Macs, one of iOS 9 exceptional quality feature will be focusing on its optimizing and stabilizing its operating system. While stability is considered as a normal expectation in the release of its update, along with it developers are trying hard to optimize its Operating system as it has received many complaints from its users regarding its performance.

For the past few years, Developers of Apple have been working hard to add many new features to iOS like Indoor and Transit mapping modes as reported by 9to5 Mac. Even if it takes this year for developers to focus on stability, Apple doesn’t have to worry about this time gap as it have provided very decent features in its past two updates and most of them are still using an old operating system anyway.

So till then let’s keep our fingers crossed to see what new features we can get in the next major Apple iOS 9 update.