Is our privacy safe? Do we have some sort of privacy on the internet? 

The answer is NO. When you use the internet, you give up a lot of your privacy. 

Should we care about our internet privacy? 

Every time you click from one website to another or you click on a link to go to the next page, that is the information that people are collecting about you. Such information that is being collected may seem meaningless but in reality, is the steam that powers a lot of companies. 

So, what can we do? If you do not want your personal information to be used by other people to make tons of money. Follow the below tips to be secure and to save your personal information. 

Be careful about what information you post online

In the general rule, you do not want to give up any information online that you would not feel comfortable with handing over to somebody else. 

However, still, a lot of people would say “well, our privacy is not there”. You are correct, our privacy is not there, however, the security of privacy should be a very large concern and should be the main focal point.  

Read terms of services

The first thing for you is to understand the transaction that you make when you get something shiny and new that is free online. So, when you sign up for a new account at whatever service, read terms of service at least as much as you can. See, what is it that you are giving up?

Privacy policies usually contain a lot of text but ensure that you always read your privacy policy and adjust your privacy settings. You can reap the benefits of the digital world but you should do it in a smart way in order to protect yourself from risks.

Browser extension to enhance security

If you are okay with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and with other companies knowing personal information about you then that is fine but, if you are not okay and you want to control when they get information and when they don’t then, there are a number of browser extensions like a disconnect and Ghostery for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. to protect your information. 

These browser extensions give you control over and to choose whether the sites that you visit collect information about you and send them to other related companies or not. 

Protect Yourself – Use VPN for Browsers

A VPN gives you a new anonymous IP as long as you are connected. 

It can spoof, or trick the internet into thinking that you are in a different location and thus, are really good for unblocking geo-restrictions and you can access Netflix, BBC, IPlayer or the Japanese version Netflix, etc. Not only that, but a VPN is really good for torrenting or hiding your IP while you want to download content. Always, look for the best VPN for your browser. When you use browsers like Firefox to browse the internet then your data gets collected. In order to avoid that you need to use a VPN for Firefox.  

They are good for protecting your information while in public Wi-Fi, hotspots and unsecured locations. If you have enabled VPN on your browser then, you can jump on the internet at your favorite coffee shop and be confident that all the passwords you are typing or the website you are visiting can’t be intercepted by a hacker sitting in a corner.  

Final Thoughts 

We have heard about identity theft. It is the buzzword that many people have talked about. Especially as the internet has grown in popularity and more people are online now, there is much more concern about identity theft, security and how safe you feel online. 

Just the way that the internet works, it is the way that it has evolved and I do not think we are going to be able to get away from that anytime soon. However, I think that protecting that data is one of the larger steps that we can take to secure ourselves online. Your information is important and you should protect it as best as you can.