Why do you think business people are using social media? We know that social media is great for building new relationships, but do we also know that it’s a great way to make some extra money by knowing how to attract more customers? Of course we do, and this infographic takes a look at exactly what influences and makes people to commit to the final ‘buy this’ decision.

The most popular site for making purchases seems to be Pinterest, followed by YouTube and Facebook. This is some really valuable data when we think about our marketing strategies and how we want to shape the future of our business. There is more than enough blog posts around the web, discussing whether Facebook or Pinterest is worth spending time on – and it clearly shows that it’s more than just worth it, it can be a potential main income source for your business.

There is a lot of real life mentality involved in this data and the whole idea of having social media influence your sales and boost the visibility of your company. When we were just small children, whoever had the best idea for doing something bad-ass would always be the one leading the way – and this is so similar: if my friends like the product, I want to like as well! Take my money, right?

take my rupees

This is the perfect infographic if you’re looking to analyze some data and want to launch a new product, but not sure as to where you want to reside and which social media platforms provide the highest engagement and influential rate.

We’re growing quickly, as far as gathering such data is concerned – and knowing which products are most received on which social platform is crucial information that everyone should be aware of. I’m sure it can help your clients more than you think.

How-To Attract More Customers Trough Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Were you able to discover some new and vital data from this infographic about attracting customers through social media? Have you been doing this very thing for some time know and it is producing good results? I’d definitely love to hear some success stories, and I’m sure that the rest of the community would like that as well. It’s safe to say that such data can really leverage the direction of any business strategy.