The name of the Super Nintendo is associated with fun and entertainment, and with good reason. When SNES was released in 1990, it made a big splash with Nintendo fans worldwide. This 16-bit console allowed millions of users to enjoy such titles as Super Mario World, the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Donkey Kong Country, Street Fighter, and many others that have become classics.

Soon, the Super Nintendo will celebrate its 30th anniversary, but the glory of this legendary hasn’t withered and its best games still resonate with both retro gamers and modern connoisseurs of old-school games. There are hordes of people desiring to satisfy their nostalgic hunger for playing old games. Of course, lots of us still remember that sweet anticipation of fun and excitement overwhelming us when sitting back in our armchairs and waiting for our favorite game to load. Still, there are also modern players that got bored with mega cool contemporary games and decided to opt for immortal classics. Unfortunately, not many of those willing to start retrogaming venture to do it immediately. Some are hesitant whether they will succeed in getting a working vintage console, while others think that special emulation programs are expensive and difficult to set up. Of course, you don’t need to purchase any old devices to start playing SNES games. Neither should you think that emulators are unaffordable or complicated to use? There are plenty of excellent websites that can help you download the best SNES emulator.

We have picked the most reliable and stable emulators that don’t only support SNES games but run them smoothly on your Windows computers. Given the fact that the majority of users use the latest Windows 10 version, you have selected only the programs compatible with that version.


This emulator is compatible with such popular operating systems as Windows (all versions), Linux, and Mac. RetroArch can support almost all commercial SNES games and boasts a gamepad and external game controller joystick support.

You also can configure the keys from the emulator’s menu to your liking.
The emulator also allows you to rewind your game in real time, use shaders, and add smoothing effects.

If you are a fan of interactive gaming, you should definitely try playing online with your friends via Netplay, which is also offered by RetroArch.


Another popular emulator developed for SNES is Snes9x. Among its indisputable advantages are its user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand setup. Lots of options and sophisticated features will make your gameplay even more exciting and spectacular. No bugs or freezes will bother you during the gameplay. Snes9x also enables you to play SNES Games with higher accuracy as compared to other popular emulators.


SuperRetro16 is rightly considered one of the most reliable and functional machines used for running SNES games on Windows computers. SuperRetro16 supports cloud storage and can be used with various types of controllers. Moreover, this tool allows you to save the progress achieved during the game and resume playing from the last point where you stopped.

Developers have incorporated visual enhancements to the latest version of the emulator for you to play your favorite titles at a higher resolution.

Just like other emulators on our top list, SuperRetro16 can save and load your game states and supports gamepads. It is cheap and undemanding in hardware requirements.

How to Start Playing Retro Games with an Emulator

Once you decide what emulation program to use, make sure to download it from a reliable website. We recommend that you use RomsMania, the trustworthy and time-tested online resource that has a vast collection of SNES emulators and ROMs for all popular retro games.

When you download the emulator, you’ll need to get some ROMs for your favorite SNES games. Click here to download the coolest ROMs, then, access the “ROM” folder within your emulator, and select the game you want to play. Clicking on it will prompt it to load.

Enjoy your retrogaming with the best emulator.