Instagram has brought about a new wave in the field of marketing. You can use Instagram to create a strong presence for your brand. Instagram allows you to use all kinds of content formats to cater to different audiences. However, video content is something that is performing quite great on Instagram. Several features on Instagram make video sharing relatively easy, and you can experiment a lot using video content. You can use an Instagram video editor to create engaging video content and connect with different audiences. 

Instagram has excellent options for sharing video content, and you must leverage the platform. Most people log in to their Instagram accounts to consume video content. You might have a regular posting schedule, but you should keep experimenting to check what content works better for you. There are different kinds of video posts that you can create for Instagram:

  • Video posts
  • Instagram Reels
  • Video Stories
  • Live Videos

Let’s check out how you can use all of these video formats.

Instagram Video Posts

The most common way videos can be uploaded on Instagram is through Instagram video posts. Also, while a person scrolls through their feed, the video plays automatically and instantly draws the viewers’ attention. Therefore, you must ensure that the initial few seconds of your video must be fascinating and should drive the viewer towards it. There are several ways in which you can use video posts on Instagram. Some of the ways are listed above:

Products and Services

Instagram posts can be a great avenue to promote your products and services. You can showcase your product by making a small video on it. You can also create a ‘how-to’ video to make your consumers understand how your product is used. You can create different product videos using a good Instagram video editor. However, you should carefully pick a cover image that will act as clickbait for all viewers. You can create an entire post series with small videos on all of your product offerings. However, if your company is a service provider, you can create a video that shows how your services can be availed without any hassle. 


Instagram can be a great place to showcase your commercials. You can include short TVCs as your video posts on Instagram. Also, you can make use of some human elements in creating these TVCs for your Instagram account. TVCs have the capacity of evoking emotions in the viewers, and you can easily tap into the benefits of the commercials.

DIY Videos

There are several ways in which a product can be used. You can ask some of the users of your product to create a video on how they prefer using your product. You can choose to post one DIY video every week to keep your audience engaged.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are another great way to promote Instagram videos on your page. However, the best thing about Instagram stories is that they disappear in 24 hours. Therefore, you can use them effectively for any topical content you want to promote. Listed below are some of how you can use Instagram stories:

Share offers

There might be instances where you might come up with some limited period offers on different products as a business. Alternatively, you might also release some discount coupons for your brand. You can use Instagram to promote all of these short-term discounts you release for your brand. Also, you can give some exclusive offers to your followers using Instagram stories. This will help you in creating a buzz around your event. 

Brand Insights

It would be best to use Instagram to help people understand your brand better. Therefore, you can use Instagram stories to give your audience a little sneak peek into your company’s brand story. You can tell them an office story or something essential for building your brand. A series on your employees could make them feel more connected to the brand, and hence you can try out something unique. Alternatively, you can also take them on tour to your factory using multiple Instagram stories.

Instagram Live Videos

Instagram live videos are a new addition to the video formats on Instagram. According to some Instagram statistics, about 1 million people watch Instagram live videos daily. Therefore, there is a huge potential for Instagram live videos. The best thing about Instagram live videos is that they are pretty spontaneous and can pull a large crowd as people are always looking forward to something that gives them a break from the monotonous content. There are several things that you can achieve using Instagram live videos:


You can use Instagram live video to engage with your audience. Instagram live sessions give you a chance to interact with your audience directly. They can post several questions on the chat, and you can answer them live. This will make your audience feel heard. You can also host a workshop using this feature on Instagram. However, it would help if you played in your safe zone while using Instagram live. If things go wrong in a live video, the audience might start publicly insulting you, which can become challenging to handle.

Collect Information

Live videos are an excellent tool for collecting details like e-mail ids, etc. You can also float the details of a live event and ask all the viewers to send in their queries beforehand. Using this effective technique, you can easily create a buzz for your event and a repository of e-mail ids of people who might be interested in your business.

Launch products

Whenever a brand starts a live video, the viewers expect something different. Therefore, you can use this opportunity to release a new product or introduce a new service for all of your viewers. If you have an open account, you can create a buzz around the live event. You can start building up excitement around the session from beforehand by promoting it on Instagram stories and other channels. Using this method, you will get a lot of traction for the new products you release.

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are the most viral video option on Instagram. If anything is trending on social media, it is quickly picked up by Instagram reels. Therefore, if you are looking forward to doing something trendy or something that has become popular suddenly, Instagram Reels is your best option.


There are several ways in which you can use Instagram videos. You must explore all of these formats to understand which kind of content is doing the best for you. Once you understand the mix, you can use a mix of all of these formats to create a comprehensive content strategy.

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