You can never learn too much, and if we’re talking about programming; there are endless possibilities, endless ways of creating something unique and awesome. You can, of course, rely on pre-built eCommerce shopping carts, but do you really want to do that? You’d be avoiding such a great learning experience.

I’m here today with an amazing course that’s titled “Complete E-commerce Website Using PHP & MySQL“, by the time you’ll have finished this course; not only will you know how to build your own eCommerce website using nothing but PHP and MySQL, you’ll better understand how it all works and comes together.

If you take this course, you’ll learn creating a complete eCommerce website in PHP & MySQL from scratch, we’ll also be using JavaScript, HTML and CSS while creating this project. Furthermore, we’ll use Dreamweaver CS5 as a text editor in this course.

The author of this particular course is Muhammad Salman, he’s a passionate developer who’s planning on releasing more course of similar nature.

Build an eCommerce Website in PHP and MySQL

You’re going to be getting quite some value for just a mere fifty bucks. By the time you finish the 30+ lectures, and nearly 7+ hours of video content – you’ll be proficient enough in PHP and MySQL to build any kind of website from scratch, but most importantly – how to build an eCommerce store, one that will be able to accept PayPal payments, giving you the opportunity to start making money right away.

Here’s a little overview of what you’re about to learn:
• How to setup pages, layouts and templates.
• How to setup databases, how to work with data, admin pages.
• Learn how to manage your stores inventory with programming.
• Learn to build an actual shopping cart, product pages and dynamic homepages.
• How to display all your products within a shopping cart?
• In-depth look at how a shopping cart works.
• Quality control, security features and payment processors.
• How to integrate PayPal in your custom built shopping cart.

that’s quite a bit of stuff you’re going to be learning, but remember to transform all these sentences into actionable steps that you’ll have to take to get through the ‘Complete E-commerce Website Using PHP & MySQL‘ course. At the moment, there are only a couple of students that have enrolled so we’ll have to wait for proper reviews, but a quick inspection of a demo preview tells me that both the instructor, and the quality of material is spotless.