Business Architecture

What is business architecture? It’s a way of putting the pieces together, in order to guarantee that a company is going to stick and continue growing. It’s one of the hottest jobs in the world right now, to be a business architect. It’s an art in itself, and no large corporate business can operate without a business architect taking care of vital parts of the company.

The best way to uncover, unravel the mistakes that a company or an institution is making – is by having a business architect do in-depth analysis, for finding solutions and the missing gaps that cause a marketing budget to plummet. The business architect reports straight to the CEO – and he is considered one of the most valuable assets in the company.

This infographic is incredibly detailed, and explains a lot of things about business architects and how they can be used to help your business grow and flourish. You’ll learn the basics of why and how to hire a business architect, and you’ll learn when is the right time to do it. We don’t always need professional business architects to come in and help to save our company, a simple marketing agent can often deal with those problems.

Business Architecture Strategies for Sustainable Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

What are the business architecture strategies that your company or business uses? What were the three main things you were able to learn from this infographic? How you hired a business architect before, and what has been your success rate? How did your company change because of that very decision? I’m excited to hear answers to these questions, and I’m sure others are as well!