While we all are differentiated based on caste, race, religion, and nationality, there is a place where all those things do not matter. It’s a place where everyone is part of a single unit or community. 

Yes, you guessed correctly. We are talking about the internet. With just a few clicks, you are immediately part of something bigger than all of us. 

But is it safe? 

In a place where your every move and decision can not only be monitored but also lead straight back to you in real life. 

Do you think your digital privacy remains intact while you are browsing through thousands of websites each year?

It is true that by logging on to the internet without proper protection, you are exposing yourself to millions of strangers that could do anything with your identity, information, and internet traffic, but that doesn’t mean you should stop using the internet.

All you need is an online security tool that can ensure 100% privacy, security, and data protection while you are roaming on the internet. But not just any security tool, only a reliable one such as a virtual private network can deliver that to you. 

Now, you must be thinking that VPN tools are usually costly and you’re right. But, there are free VPNs too. 

That’s right. Free VPN providers offer their service at zero cost. Which begs the question: what is the best VPN for free that can protect your digital privacy. 

This article will reflect light upon whether free VPNs can protect your digital privacy or not and which free VPNs are the best to use in today’s cyberspace. 


Windscribe is one of the best free VPN providers in the market. It offers 10 VPN server locations and limited bandwidth of 10 GB per month. 

While some users may think this is not much, we think it is a decent bargain considering that you get all that for free. 

The fact that you don’t need to offer your email address while signing up for the Windscribe free account speaks volumes that this provider can be trusted with your digital privacy. 

Windscribe also offers military-grade AES-256-Bit encryption for encrypting your internet traffic so that no one on the internet can intercept or decode it. 

This means your actual IP address, location, and personal data concerning browsing will remain a secret always. 

If that wasn’t enough, Windscribe has also adopted a completely zero-log policy, meaning no one (including Windscribe) knows what you are doing after connecting with their VPN network. 

Furthermore, this service also offers a “Stealth Protocol” that allows your VPN traffic to look like a normal HTTPs connection so that no one can even know that you are using a VPN connection. 


Another good option for protecting your digital privacy is available in the form of ProtonVPN. But, unfortunately, while it offers unlimited data bandwidth on its free accounts, it only offers three VPN locations worldwide. Yeah, bummer. 

Just like Widscribe, ProtonVPN also relies heavily on AES-256-Bit encryption in addition to OpenVPN protocol to ensure that your digital privacy remains 100% intact on the internet. 

Another advantage this provider has is that it is operating from Switzerland, a country that isn’t a part of the 14-Eyes Alliance

However, if you opt out of their premium subscription, then there’s more that you’ll get out of the service. For example, additional security features such as NetShield, Secure Core VPN, Tor Over VPN. 


Next up on our list is TunnelBear. It is another decent choice for securing your digital privacy on the internet. 

It is sad to say that it only offers a 500 Mb per month data bandwidth limit, but it does compensate by offering VPN servers in 23 different countries. These servers are available in countries like the US, Australia, the UK, India, etc.

Also, if you tweet about this VPN service, you can obtain 1 GB additional data bandwidth. 

TunnelBear also uses bank-grade encryption (AES-256-Bit encryption) for creating a secure VPN tunnel through which all your data is completely secure and encrypted. 

Apart from that, you also get a few additional features for enhanced online privacy and security, such as VigilantBear (Internet Kill Switch) and GhostBear (For troubleshooting VPN connection issues).

Although TunnelBear is operating from Canada, rest assured this free VPN provider also has a complete zero-log VPN policy that ensures that nothing related to you or your VPN connection gets recorded in their network. 

Final Thoughts

Many users are quite reluctant to trust these free VPNs with their digital privacy from the mere thought of being free. And we don’t blame you. 

But if you just look closely and take your time to read about them, you’d know that many of these free VPNs are quite actually capable of protecting your digital privacy online. 

So what do you think about our top three free VPNs recommendations? Don’t let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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