Have difficulty capturing great marketing photos that are able to stand out and grab attention? Assume you have little or no experience in photography, it can be tricky to capture truly impressive photos – but it is far from impossible. It doesn’t need an expensive camera or high-end equipment to capture good marketing photos. While a good DSLR camera and some other equipment can make a difference, what matters more is your technique to take attractive marketing photos. In other words, if you want to start capturing much better marketing photos that are far more effective, you can start doing right here, right now.

Defining the Objective

Before you actually begin clicking a picture, the very first thing you should do is define the objective of the marketing photo you want to capture. It goes without saying that marketing photos, share the goal of helping a business to market and its products or services – but the question here is: How?

Marketing photos can cover a wide range of objectives. For example, you may want a product photo to show people what the product looks like, or you may want one to show them how it can be used. Similarly, you may want your marketing photo to help build your brand, showcase its values, or give viewers a glimpse of some benefit that they stand to gain. By defining the objective of your marketing photo, you can structure it and figure out what it needs to show, which parts of it should stand out, and how it is going to accomplish its objective.

Improve the Frame and Composition

Arguably the most important part of capturing marketing photos that stand out and are able to get attention involves improving its frame and composition. While this is a very wide area, here are a few tips that you can start with:

  • Use the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most popular framing techniques and for good reason. It will help you to capture marketing photos with the subject off-center that can help them to stand out more. To use it, you should turn on the ‘grid’ setting on your camera that will overlay a 3×3 grid on the frame – then align your subject and other elements based on the gridlines and intersection points.

  • Get close to the subject

Another excellent way to improve the frame and composition of marketing photos is to get close to the subject. It is particularly effective for product photography, as it will help you to capture more detailed photos with better definition. If you want you could even fill the frame with the subject, to create more compelling images

  • Adopt a minimal approach

Try to use a minimal approach to your marketing photography, and reduce the number of elements while choosing a simple background. The idea is to avoid having other elements compete with your subject in order to make it the center of attention, which should help your photo to stand out more.

  • Try a different angle

Side-profile photography is all too common in marketing photos, and you should make it a point to try photographing your subject from different angles. It can make a world of difference, and help you to create marketing photos that look much more unique and are able to attract attention more effectively.

Understand How Color Affects Emotions

Did you know that colors can provoke an emotional response when people look at them? Considering the bigger part marketing is all about provoking an emotional reaction, it should come as no surprise that the colors you use in your marketing photos can play a huge role in helping them to grab attention.

color emotions

It can take time to fully understand color psychology and apply it to your photos – but as a start, you can try focusing on the basics: Red is a strong energetic color, blue is cool and serene, yellow is bright and optimistic, while green is natural and restorative.

If possible, try to plan your marketing photos around the colors that you intend to use – and choose the background as well as the other elements based on the emotions that you want people to feel.

Edit and Improve Attractive Marketing Photos

Keep in mind, even professional photographers can rarely take a snap of marketing photos that are picture-perfect – and most process their photos later and edit them. As such if you want your marketing photos to really have a big impact, you should look into doing the same. Although editing photos may seem complicated at first, you could try using a user-friendly option such as Movavi Photo Editor. Its an intuitive approach to photo editing, it will help you to easily edit and improve your marketing photos, and you won’t need to have any prior experience to take advantage of its features.

In particular, you could use Movavi Photo Editor to crop and adjust the frame of your marketing photos. Additionally, you will be able to remove any unwanted objects or elements to adjust its composition or remove and replace the entire background if needed. As you can imagine there are lots of other features in Movavi Photo Editor as well, and you can adjust the color settings to enhance the quality of your photos, apply various artistic filters, add creative-looking captions, touch up portraits, and much more. Between all of these features, you’ll have full control over how your marketing photos turn out and can ensure they look and feel exactly the way you want them to.

Suffice to say Movavi Photo Editor will truly let you make sure that your marketing photos can stand out and grab attention. If you use it and take advantage of the other ways to capture marketing photos that stand out that were listed above – you should notice a marked improvement in their effectiveness.