Just as any other industry, the field of education also offers wide array of job opportunities. Apart from offering only teaching positions, there are numerous other roles that are available like technical, operational, and managerial jobs. 

Though college students usually spend a lot of time in completing their major, academics only tend to be a part of their college experience. There are times when you learn just as much outside the classroom as you do inside. All these experiences inspire you to choose a new career path. One of the main instances is leading any campus institution as this leads to inculcation of management skills, interpersonal abilities, and strong work ethics and values – all of which are given immense value in the workforce. 

Regardless of whether you were the editor or a part of the student government or a sports officer, there are several campus management careers open for you. Let’s take a quick look at them. 

HRA or Human Resource Administrator

When you lead a student organization, this includes working with different types of people like faculty, students, and administrators. If you think you have adapted these interpersonal strengths in yourself, you might as well choose a career as a human resource administrator. This job position lets you collaborate and coordinate with the employees of an institution and discuss their job roles like compensation, payroll, staffing and recruiting, development and training. Almost all companies have an HR department and hence you can work for any company you prefer. 

Community Manager

Were you someone who was given the responsibility of handling the social media of the student organization? Or did your job include hanging up important flyers in the dorm rooms and recruit new members? Did you had to ensure that the employees of the organization stay engaged and interested in the same? If yes, you may choose the role of a Community Manager. The main obligations of this role vary from one company to another but they are mainly liable for cultivating and fostering an engaged and interested community of users or consumers or clients. Having soft skills and strong communication capabilities can make you a perfect fit for this job.

Project Manager

Project managers usually have to wear many hats together but their overall job is all about supervising the design, conception, control, planning, monitoring and closing of the different projects of a company. Project managers are found in several industries like engineering to marketing to web development. Student leaders usually possess the capability of being a project manager as the job involves handling work orders and training of a new team so that they can complete a new project within the deadline. 


Did you play the role of an editor of a student publication? If you did, you could choose the role of an editor-in-chief as your full-time job. Editors are usually hired by magazine or newspaper companies. They’re also hired by companies that need people to proofread already written material before they are finally published. Editors work with a team of reporters, writers, freelancers or management people to make sure all publications are done within the right time. So, if you’re a student who is proficient in playing with words, this is the job for you. 

Construction Manager

Just as a project manager, a construction manager also inspects the development of any project. However, in this case, the projects are related to the construction industry. Projects could therefore range from renovations of home or building of huge skyscrapers. The main role played by construction managers is to maintain all workers as per schedule and budget. He also has to keep up the safety regulations in the construction site. 

Whenever you apply for job positions, don’t forget to emphasize on your past leadership experience in your CV so that you can offer a better and clearer picture of your skillset. 

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