When you put your step forward in the world of computers, you’re inquisitive as well as frightful because you enter such a world which is yet unexplored by you.

Programming may appear harder than it is and especially when you’re just a beginner. In case you’re new and have seen the basic coding principles, then programming may seem boring and repetitive to you because you are already familiar with it it doesn’t look as intriguing. On the off chance that you are familiar with some fundamental keywords, syntax and the basic working of the codes, at that point you’re less inclined to fear the code, as you’ve officially learned its basics. Generally, programming may seem unattractive to you.

There are some common Programming misconceptions that are often associated with programming.

Here, in this post, we will debug, investigate and settle the common misconceptions about being a developer, and perhaps this post might be a relief for the individuals who are wondering if programming is right for them.

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1) Memorizing syntax

According to the psychology, if you program anything without any external guidance, you will remember everything and turn into a genuine professional that can build anything from scratch. But in reality, you don’t need to stress over memorizing and remembering the syntax, as you’ll be writing a similar code over and over again before you can flip the table and make a framework by yourself.

2) You Need To Excel In Maths

Individuals confuse the connection between mathematics and programming since programming is commonly assumed to be directly related to mathematics. Actually, the appropriate response is “it depends, but mostly not”. As a programmer, we spend most of our time coding, not working on Math equations, and your knowledge in Math isn’t straightforwardly correspondent to your programming skills.

However, do not misunderstand, there is still need for algebra yet it’s very basic and simply variable based math. Furthermore, there are libraries and plugins, which you can apply directly into your code to enable you to solve the mathematical and algorithmic problems.

3) All Programming Languages Look And Feel Same

When you’re trying to choose which programming language to learn, you might think that if you know one programming language, you probably know the other as they are all the same. However, that is a huge misconception. On a fundamental level, procedural programming languages have a similar basis, but they are very different from each other. Language likes JavaScript is very different from Python or Ruby.

A confusion along similar lines is that there’s one perfect programming language, and if you take in some other language, you’ve wasted your time. Python and JavaScript are a well known easier language for beginners. But stressing over whether you’re learning the best language is foolishness; learning any programming language makes it easier to learn another language.

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4) Coding is not Creative

Coding is as creative as writing or drawing. It runs on the common principle: what you’re doing with it. There’s some creativity in writing reports, but it needs a lot of creativity in writing short essay or poem. It’s the same for coding, where a few tasks need to be redundant, while others will require critical thinking and creativity.

Some programmers encourage their creativity and that is in coding, you have your tool and i.e – CODE. It is just similar to that of composing a poem. The rest is restricted on your ability and your own flawless imagination.

5) You Need Excellent Computer Skills To Be A Programmer

In the event that someone needs to figure out why your laptop is not connecting to the printer, you would definitely not ask a programmer. IT and programming are two different fields altogether; somebody can be a specialist in how to start Windows easily and speed up a laptop, and not have the faintest thought how to write a single line of coding.

The myths which you believe about programming make an inner layer which acts like a barrier and prevents you from adapting any new skills. It just makes harder for you to bridle your potential by decreasing your abilities. The sooner you get over these misconceptions and start following on what is right for you, the more noteworthy your chances will be towards success. You can unquestionably be an incredible programmer, all you need to do is simply start.