We are living in 2021, an era of self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, IoT, 3D printing, biometrics. Today, with every passing day, some or other tech evolution has been taking place. All these have made continuous upskilling an important need for humankind!

And this is where Continuous Micro-Learning (CML) comes into the picture. Though it existed for centuries, the modern version with the online learning platforms is being publicized recently as the latest concept among all the aspirants & professionals for consistent learning without any hassle.

Top Benefits Of CML

1) Helps you to achieve your goals

Every goal is achievable but we need to work hard for it. And for that, we need to have a proper structure. It can’t be achieved overnight. We need to take risks and run a lot of tests and trials that helps us to learn something. There are times when we fail. But that’s ok. Failing helps us gain experience. All we need to do is to learn. Learn in small terms. And that’s where CML becomes important. 

2) Keeps you motivated

To achieve goals, we need to set small targets. CML does just that! As we choose to practice daily, we learn something in small amounts and that’s how we accomplish our targets. And you feel motivated by achieving them.

3) You learn something new

There are a lot of things we need to understand before learning anything new. Through CML, you can easily get insights into the unexplored paths that require to be acknowledged.

The professional aspects! 

regardless of the buzz & all the hypes, running a startup or a business isn’t for everyone. Most of us try to build the skills as per the desired jobs. This is where your resume becomes important. It literally defines you, your experience, & skills.

And this is where everyone looks to add as many skills as they can. Some even go overboard with the skills that they really don’t possess. However, do not worry! Here again, you can benefit from the concept of CML. It will not just help you to master recent skills but you will also earn online certificates that can vouch for your dedication & knowledge.

Let’s talk about the skills which you need to work and which will help you get shortlisted for the job you want. Starting with:-

1. Communication skills

Ok, this may seem to be very basic but it is a top skill that everyone needs to work on. No matter what job role you are trying to apply for, Communication is essential. You can excel in this skill by taking several courses and even upgrade yourself by learning something new. Eduonix is a website that provides various courses for learners. It has come up with a new feature called Infiniti which is a Learning Subscription Model through which you also get access to 2000+ courses for each topic. 

2. Leadership skills

Leadership skills should be inculcated by everyone. Taking responsibility for your work is a part of leadership. This skill is not just for team leaders or managers. It should be imparted to every employee and even interns should know this. You can take courses and learn a few basic things about leadership from Infiniti Online Courses.

3. Teamwork

Working in a team, collaborating with other teammates makes things easy and tasks doable. We can achieve big goals collectively if all teammates coordinate with each other. This is a skill that one needs to develop. It helps in large organizations as well as startups. So, this is one of the skills you should learn if you face any problems while working in a team. 

Now, let’s discuss some technical skills!

1. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a new industry which offers storage, software, or databases, internet-based cloud services and a lot of benefits to business and customers. Learning this in 2021 can help you and boost your career. 

2. Digital Marketing

Ever since this pandemic has started every business has gone digital. It was digital before too but after this pandemic, the usage of digital has reached the next level. Today, digital marketing has become a wide field. It has many services like SEO for starters. The other most common service that raised its bar is Social media marketing, then Email marketing, Search engine marketing. Learning this career can never go in vain.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used to analyze a large volume of data and find interesting insights. It has been one of the top skills in 2020 and is still in demand. It allows us to develop smarter and cool technology. So, one should learn this skill. 

4. Data Analytics

Data Analytics is changing our life rapidly this is because it gives us data and insights which helps our business grow. Be it business or healthcare or any other field, data analytics comes in handy and gives us the information which we require. You can learn this skill and build your career. 

Bottom Line

We all know the increasing competition in today’s world. So the best thing we can do is to keep upskilling with the latest skills associated with our career. And instead of hoping to 10s of different websites, we can go for 1 subscription of Eduonix Infiniti that includes 2000+ curations & online certifications of 100s of latest skills & technologies!

Now, the decision is yours! Whether you want to get lost in the crowd, or really stand out by using Continuous Micro-Learning with Eduonix Infiniti!