Now there are many couples who do not know what to do – to postpone the wedding or not, on what date to schedule the celebration, whether to fly on the honeymoon and other pressing issues that arise every day at the grooms and brides. 

If you have planned a wedding abroad, particularly in Europe, and have already booked, it is worth postponing the event to a later date, to autumn, or cancel it. Nobody knows how the situation with entry and exit between countries will develop further. As for weddings in your country, we have a more optimistic view here. Everyone who is already preparing for the wedding, which is scheduled for the beginning of summer, should prepare at the same pace. But at the beginning of June or 3-4 weeks before day X to see how the situation will develop. We hope that by the beginning of June everything will be calm. The experience of China has shown that we can cope with it fast enough! In general, try to communicate remotely with all contractors, wedding agency – it will not affect the quality. And if your wedding is planned for the middle of summer, in our opinion, in this case, nothing to worry about, you can safely continue to prepare. If you are at the beginning of planning (you have no date or venue), you need to think about early autumn. If weddings are moved from foreign countries, from spring, they will take up positions that may have been vacant for you. 

Salome Lomsadze, Wedding by Mercury

I advise couples to postpone the wedding date in Europe to the next year, many contracts have a clause with a reference to force majeure and this can be referred to. If you plan the event in your own country, it’s small for up to 50 people, as this format is easier to transfer and cancel if necessary. Regarding the purchase of a wedding dress and tuxedo for the groom, I advise you to buy it now before the prices go up.

Alisa Fazulzyanova Feerique Event & Emotions

First of all, we advise you to think about postponing the date if you planned the event in April-May. It is impossible to predict something now, so you should be guided “on the move”. Especially it concerns couples who were planning a wedding abroad. Otherwise, it seems to us that for summer weddings should not change anything cardinally, if the situation starts to get better, but still, it is worth having in mind a backup plan – the transfer to the end of summer or beginning of autumn. Those couples who have not yet decided on the date, place, agency, etc., in general, should wait and follow the situation from the outside and return to this issue in May-June, planning their wedding in the fall.

Daria Koro, Edem.

First, I call for calm and sound reasoning. Yes, everybody’s pace will slow down, but it is also for the best, the world has long needed a break and a reassessment of values. Now is a great time to prepare calmly and consciously for its triumph – without rush, fuss, or running. In today’s world, we can do a lot of things online, in addition, leaves a situational factor – to assess the skills of the presenter is not in a crowded cafe, and at home in front of the computer is much more pleasant, and to hold a meeting with the agency on Skype, without spending extra hours and nerves on traffic – it’s a big plus! Strong companies will always find a way to satisfy the client’s request. For example, we have introduced field trials – you can pick up dresses and they will be delivered to your home. And if you want to correct something or order individual tailoring, the designer and designer will also come to a convenient address for you.