How-To Create a Strong and Known Online Presence

In one way or another, you’re blogging, freelance writing or simply writing for others because you want to establish some sort of an authority presence, that can influence and educate people. In no way is that a bad thing, we just need to know when we’re trying to step over certain limits.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home, the office or the outer universe – the same rules apply to all of us. In order to create a name for ourselves we have to introduce ourselves not only to other bloggers, but also the way they do things. Why? It’s not going to be easy to establish your own rules, which most likely are driven be the ego itself anyway.

All of the successful people that you interact with on daily basis, they got where they are thanks to their determination to become successful – and not only that, they followed the basics of how to create and establish themselves as strong online presences who can give advice to others.

Know Yourself First

You cannot go above anyone else (you shouldn’t) without having gone above yourself first. The worst thing in the world is when we try to teach others how to do things, but in the mean time we do exactly the opposite of that advice. You’ll earn trust only when you create full reports of trial and error – which will serve as proof – and how you got where you are today.

It’s near impossible to share a similar journey with another person, we’re all unique in our own way. You need to find what works for you, and then communicate through that channel.

Know Your Industry

Just like knowing yourself, knowing your industry means that you actually care about what you do on a much deeper level, than for example people who are on the internet only to make quick money and disappear. Continue learning about your industry to be able to answers to questions now and always.

One of the ways of building an online presence is the fact that you’re helping others, and get involved with communities, people from all walks of life. It’s the beauty of it. I try not to miss a chance to leave a comment, or give someone an answer to a question.

It has often led to new followers and website visitors, and that is exactly what you need!

Interact on Regular Basis

Interact on Regular BasisI hate when a business establishes itself, and then suddenly it loses all of the connection with its community. Why? Well, apparently the business owner is making so much money that he simply cannot afford to interact with the people paying his bills – and he needs to relax instead.

This has many sides to it, I know that there are successful businesses out there who are provide an amazing service, but barely interact on social media – because all of the interaction is happening directly on the website.

This method of connecting with the community is still valid and does work.

I wouldn’t know what your business is like, I can only say that being active and engaging shows that you really care about what you do, and it’s a great way to spread the word. By being active on social media daily, you’re going to let your brand grow naturally.

Create Guides (eBooks, In-Depth Posts, Videos, etc,.)

All of the above is not going to take you anywhere, unless you eventually start creating products and other types of content that your community will benefit from. The magical thing about creating products and in-depth guides is that the word spreads rather quickly.

Create Guides (eBooks, In-Depth Posts, Videos, etc,.)If you can deliver a promise, I can myself promise you that the word will spread quickly. You do have to have unique approach not only to what you do, but also how you present the book. Watch out from standard eBooks were you just tell people how good your life are, create something that people will want to buy two years from now – because it’s so good and educational!

Never undervalue your customers (find out their value here), and continue giving them what they want. You’ll make money, and people will get what they want!


The biggest mistake we can make is this: when success finally comes around, stop everything and fly to Bahamas!

You’re a fool if you think that’s how it works. The web might be friendly and interested in what you have to say, but if you deliver something and then run away with the profits – there won’t be a second chance. Instead, have success come around – fly to Bahamas for two weeks and then return to normal schedule.

You’re not only going to make yourself more happy, your community will thank you!

I’ve made the mistake myself, of putting money first and then trying to re-establish what I had already once done, it never worked out and I did regret selling my business for as cheap as I did.