Your business is always growing, it’s very unlikely that it is the other way around, and because the business is always growing – you’re starting to use more and more marketing channels to promote, sell and engage with to your customers. You keep doing this until one day you realize you’re not keeping a track of all of those multichannel channels and it’s becoming difficult to know where to invest the next budget.

When you’re aware of your best performing marketing funnels, you can begin creating campaigns that will only work when they meet the certain criteria. You can begin measuring channels like email, social media and definitely paid search to get a better understanding of what is making your customers buy things.

We often overlook that simple design changes can make huge differences to our sales, and it has a lot to do with how people overlook the content of the product, for the usability of the website. Great infographic.

Are Your Digital Marketing Efforts Paying Off [INFOGRAPHIC]

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