Evibe  Bring Your Social Life to Life.

This is a great concept, and an idea for a social platform. Instead of forcing people to interact behind their mobile phone screens, Evibe wants you to go out and socialize with real people, who share the same interests as you. Now that the idea has been launched, it makes you wonder – how come nobody else came up with it.

Yes, they’re also focusing on the business side of things!

Evibe for Business

Ever wonder how to develop genuine relationships with customers while actively promoting and expanding your business? Evibe is redefining social networking and the way that you interact with your clients. We are here to help take the edge off advertising by inviting your business to collaborate in planning outings and activities with truly interested, targeted clientele in real time. The goal is to give you, in one simple, customizable interface all the tools you need to reach your clientele all the time or anytime.

The way it works is fairly simple, you signup and you begin to build a profile of what you think is your own personality, and how you think you’d like to spend your time with friends and potential new friends. This same concept applies to everyone else, and so when someone in your area decides to throw a party, or go out to the movies – you might be the next best match for the journey!

I really like this concept, and I only wish that where I am from – technology was more of a thing than it actually is, and so I’d get to use this app and see where it leads me, and what new experiences it can give me. I think the team behind Evibe themselves, are looking at the vision in the same way.