Explaining the Power of Exit Intent Technology in 8 GIFs

We’ve got bad news: customers are leaving your site, and they’re doing it in droves.

Despite your best efforts, the vast majority of shoppers who visit your site will leave without making a purchase. Even online shopping giants like Amazon and Overstock experience these minuscule conversion rates. These small percentage points matter more, however, for small online retailers.

An increase of 1 to 2 percent in conversion rate could mean the difference between success and failure.

Unfortunately, customers are fickle. Some visitors will go so far as to load their cart with items and then still leave.


Once you get over the sting of rejection, you can start to make a plan to combat this nasty reality.


Thankfully, we have a solution for you: Exit Intent Technology.

Exit intent technology entices your visitors to stick around and make a purchase. By convincing customers who would otherwise abandon your site of your unbeatable deals, exit intent technology holds more visitors on your site and increases overall sales. In some cases, it can raise conversion rates by 10-15%.


How does it work? Well first, you must keep in mind that something drew your visitors to your site in the first place. Whether it was your reputation, a popular product, or effective marketing, your visitors were inspired to click through to your site and look around.

Recognizing that you’ve got their attention, exit intent technology reminds the customer of the best aspects of your online shop. Do you have items that are particularly popular that the customer hasn’t seen yet? Show them in an ad highlighting high quality and low prices. Are you offering a special discount code or free shipping option? Make sure the customer sees it before they decide to leave.

The better the offer, the more effective the campaign.


For best results: create your own campaigns.

No one knows your visitors better than you. Every good company understands the profile of their customer and has reams of data to back up its marketing decisions.

The best practice for implementing Exit Intent Technology is to design your own custom ads to reach your unique customers.


Perhaps your products hold particular appeal to a certain geographic area; in that case, you can create an advertisement targeting visitors from a specific country or state. Do you want to show a special message to the customers who’ve left items in their cart? You can do that with custom campaigns and visitor segmenting. Every customer is different, and you can take advantage of those differences to increase sales.


What are you waiting for? Exit Intent Technology is the key to improving your conversion rates and increasing your company’s overall sales. With MaxTraffic’s easy-to-use platform for custom campaigns, you’ll experience a noticeable boost in profit within the first month. Who doesn’t want that?