With so many options and free advice about what to watch, read, and where to eat, there are chances that you will get overwhelmed. There is no doubt that you have an endless list of well-wishers, but listening to them all could confuse you. After all, they are not acquainted with you to such an extent that they understand your likes and dislikes. It is where your friends step. Nothing can beat taking recommendations from your buddies when it comes to fine dining, watching movies, and reading books. What even could be better if these recommendations come curated using an application? Nothing!

Several applications provide you with at par recommendations from the experts but a few where friends become your eyes and ears. This is where Friendspire comes in. Launched in 2018, this is a Miami tech startup that is growing fast and offers a social place to share recommendations and create a growing community. Friendspire allows you to find recommendations according to your interests. The mobile application allows you to discuss and recommend movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, and restaurants and bars to your friends. 

Friendspire – Cancelling Noise of the Many Recommendations

Friendspire is a simple, seamless, and a personal way of finding movies, series, podcasts, restaurants, and bars. The aim is to get you to stop relying on reviews from strangers. Instead, it allows you to focus on recommendations from your friends. It reduces the hassle of spending time scrolling through the endless Netflix and HBO lists or IMDB for that matter. The best part about this application is that even if you don’t have friends, it provides you with an awesome list of dining spaces, movie lists, or reading recommendations. 

An app that is not a STRANGER THING to You

While most people venture over Facebook and Twitter to know if their friends have posted in any recommendations, you do not have to go through that hassle. All you need to do is search the term you are looking for. Say you are looking for a “sci-fi” TV show, just type the same and the top 10 recommendations will be presented to you. Friendspire draws its inspiration from the real-time word of mouth recommendations from the friends. This application allows you to create a tight-knit group of friends, to review and share TV shows, podcasts, books, movies, bars, and restaurants. This application has got you covered if you are looking for something new to watch, listen, or read. 

This application offers you an opportunity:

  • To explore new movies, TV shows, books, bars, and restaurants.
  • To explore the top 10 items in the curated categories created by your friends and experts.
  • To rate and create a personalized library of content, restaurants, and bars.
  • To bookmark recommendations for later so you can always have them handy.
  • To share recommendations with friends and create new experiences together.

Get Inspiration Anytime, Anywhere

Stuck in the jam for over an hour and cannot recall the podcast you wanted to listen to for the longest time? All you need to do is search a few keywords on Friendspire and there it is the podcast you wanted to listen to available. The best part about this is that your friend has already made the recommendation and all you need to do is listen to it. 

Create Your Library

One major feature of Friendspire is that it allows you to create a library of all movies, TV shows, podcasts, and books across different categories. When you add a review or bookmark, you save your rating in your library. You can bookmark the item to watch later. When adding recommendations to your library, you access some amazing gamification elements that make recommendations fun and rewarding. You earn badges within each category for instance you get Quentin Tarantino badge for recommending movies. The mobile application also has a feature that cuts through all the noise, by showing you which streaming service (like Netflix and Amazon Prime) has the movies or TV show. 

Create Your Community

The application is an idea out-of-box converted into reality by two friends – Markus Straarup and Morten Schroeder, who left their jobs to create a community where people easily get recommendations for movies and TV shows that are worth watching. Get inspired and engage with your friend’s recommendations, know the trending books, TV shows, books, podcasts, and restaurants. You get a personalized list of movie recommendations and look for a great watch. Friendspire is a combination of something like Instagram/Facebook where you have social features such as commenting and tagging, and Yelp but with reviews from your real-time friends. However, this community is not limited to just friends you also have experts that curate the best content just for you.

A Startup Setting Trends in the Application and the News

To cover more TV shows and movies and to allow for foreign language searching, Friendspire has switched TV shows and Movie Application Program Interface (API) to the Movie Database. The startup has also collaborated with JustWatch to provide accurate streaming information of “What’s Hot” on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, and AppleTV+. This service can be availed in 38 countries including the major market for Friendspire – United States, United Kingdom, and Denmark. 

Friendspire believes in progression. All the updates are based on recent learning. Based on the recent learning, Friendspire has worked with the branding agency Kontrapunkt and a wide range of user testers to create and launch an updated platform. The new platform has introduced a new user interface for a cleaner and modern feel. It introduces new lists and an algorithm that identifies and recommends trending movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, restaurants, and bars. Friendspire offers a unique way to eliminate the noise caused by unnecessary recommendations. It is indeed your one-stop destination with over 10,000 users and over 5,000 recommendations, all of them curated by friends and tastemakers. It is a unique way to create a real-time experience when it comes to having a great time.