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By the time this article is going to be published there will be so much content uploaded on YouTube it would take me a month to watch it all. Probably more than a month.

Getting into the YouTube world is not a bad idea, it offers a revenue system for people who share valuable content and receive the appropriate response to it. It will take you a couple of months of hard work, but think about the revenue stream that you will be able to generate, and it’s always going to be there as long as someone watches the videos you upload.

This post however is not about making money through YouTube, it’s about gaining more YouTube video views. YouTube by default is quite generous with showing people videos on the related video tab, often a good video will stay there for months before someone else is given the spotlight.

5 Ways to Get More YouTube Views for Free

Don’t spend too much time thinking about the beginning of it all, everyone started the same way you did and got where they are now because of hard work and dedication.

Regular Videos
There are plenty of YouTube accounts that post infrequently. They might have a ton of subscribers, but if you pay close attention they were accumulated over a period of 4-5 years. You wouldn’t want to wait that long for it to finally start to pay off?

Posting as often as possible is the key. It’s hard to mess it up with a video, if you have done it on one video the chances are you will not do it again on another, so material being unique is hardly a problem here. It’s all about entertaining people and giving them some value.

If you are serious about becoming a YouTube’r I’d suggest being your authentic self from the beginning of your journey. That way you can learn and grow together with the people who choose to follow you.

Professional Videos
Well, at least as professional as you can currently afford. Nobody likes videos that don’t bring anything valuable to the viewer, we all like to watch a video and not feel like we just wasted 4 minutes of our time on something that was completely dumb.

The message here is to be as professional as possible and take creating videos seriously, if you care about making any money.

Appealing & Relevant Titles
The first thing to take note of if you are going to be serious about being a YouTube’r is to learn and master the art of appealing and relevant titles. The title is what drives someone to your video (though sometimes it’s the thumbnail of a girl in panties…), it explains something that the user is going to experience while watching the video. If the title says “Funny Video Compilation #420” it is going to be a video about funny things.

Try not to force things in your video titles, you will avoid a lot of negative feedback and perhaps earn yourself a subscriber or two. If you are serious about what you do, act like it.

Description & Tags
The “About” part of any YouTube video is where you find information on what the video is about. It usually contains a short description and a couple of links to a website or social media accounts. It all depends on whats more important to the creator of the video.

It’s also good to note that description and tag parts of your YouTube video is where you can really maximize your potential of being found and noticed. Start by having a short description of no more than 150 words explaining what the video is about, try to include the keyword for your video straight away.

Then move on to tags. Tags can be tricky but if you know what you are making videos about it shouldn’t be that hard. Include several tags that describe your video, but also look for ways to include tags that are narrowed down to the tiniest niche. Don’t just tag the video “funny”, tag why is it funny!

Show it to Your Friends
Are you serious about what you do? Are you making videos for a cause or because you believe in something? If you answered yes to those questions you should have no problem with sharing your videos with friends, family members and even coworkers. Word of mouth is still the best method of advertising and generating buzz.

You can expect your relatives to share the video with their friends, and that is how you generate more views for your YouTube videos.

Yeah, these steps might seem obvious and very simple but they are also very essential and should be part of anyone’s routine who is trying to become a publisher on YouTube revenue program.

Tread lightly.