Who is a marketer and what does he do?

A marketer is a specialist who analyzes the market and consumer demands to propose a promotion strategy for a product.

This profession combines a lot of analytical work with a creative approach.

Before offering a product to a potential customer, a specialist needs to study the offers of competitors and conduct research among the target audience. Based on the results, the marketer can propose a suitable promotion format that will attract customers and convince them to make a purchase.

What types of marketers exist?

SMM manager

A social media marketer is one of the most popular professions among aspiring marketers. Many people think of an SMM manager as simply maintaining a brand’s social media pages. But beyond that, he or she:

  • communicates with subscribers on behalf of the company, creating an image and increasing audience loyalty;
  • analyzes subscriber activity and popularity of posts;
  • analyzes the activities of competitors;
  • promotes the page in social networks: buys advertising from bloggers and adjusts targeting advertising (but often there are separate employees in the team for this);
  • shapes and maintains the brand identity.

SEO Marketer

This specialist optimizes web pages for search engines. His work depends on whether users will see the company’s website on the first page of the search. SEO-marketer selects the keywords on which potential customers can search for a product or service, and ensures the uniqueness of the content.


The narrow specialization of a target marketer does not prevent him from being an extremely in-demand specialist. It is he who can work in tandem with the SMM manager and conduct advertising campaigns on search engines and social networks. The marketer identifies the characteristics of the target audience, sets up advertising, creates advertising banners, and writes texts that attract potential customers.

Brand manager

A brand manager deals with the complex promotion of a company, works on brand reputation, conducts research, and develops advertising strategies. Such specialists are usually needed in large companies.

E-mail marketer

Open the “newsletters” folder in your e-mail inbox, and you will find the result of an e-mail marketer. These are the specialists who promote a brand’s product through emails: they tell you about discounts or remind you about a product you forgot in your online store’s cart. They also keep track of how many people have opened the emails and read them to the end to compose a more “selling” text later.

This is not a complete list of types of marketing professions. The market is evolving, consumer preferences and promotion platforms are changing, and new specializations are emerging. For example, not so long ago, companies began to hire “managers to work with bloggers” who select active users of Internet platforms with a similar audience, negotiate with them about cooperation and analyze the results.

What should the future specialist know and be able to do?

Depending on the type of employment, the requirements for the knowledge and skills of a marketer may vary. But there are several mandatory skills that every specialist in this field needs: analyze the market, think critically, propose marketing strategies, and present plans and the results of their work. You also need a basic knowledge of sociology, economics, and psychology.

Features of the profession of a marketer


  • The demand for specialists. In the era of a market economy, a marketer is necessary for every company, so professionals in this field can always find a job.
  • Wide opportunities for career growth. Specialists in marketing have opportunities for both horizontal and vertical growth. The marketer can always learn a related area, for example, from SMM to SEO.
  • There is room for creativity. Despite the need for analytical work, the profession of a marketer cannot be called routine, because he must constantly come up with new and original ways to attract customers.


  • The need to constantly learn. The market is constantly changing, so just getting an education and staying in demand as a specialist will not work. It is necessary to regularly improve qualifications and get acquainted with new ways of promotion.
  • Multitasking. In small companies, the marketer can perform many different functions, solving several tasks at the same time – in such cases, it can be difficult to concentrate on something.
  • High levels of stress. Urgent tasks, interaction with unsatisfied clients, and low performance can throw any specialist off-balance.

How to learn marketing from scratch

There are many ways you can learn content marketing. The most difficult, but more detailed is to study at university. But in today’s reality, the employer needs your knowledge, not your diploma, so there is always the option of learning on your own. There are a lot of useful materials on the Internet that will give you full knowledge and tell you about the innovations. Books, expert blog articles, learning platforms, and of course online courses are all able to provide you with everything you need to master your desired profession.

And now a little more about it:

  • On your own

This is the most difficult option, as no one will tell you about worthwhile training materials or help you with practical work. But there is basic literature that will be useful in any case, so you can start with it. And then you will know where to go next.

  • Online courses

This is the easiest, but also the most rational solution. In addition to a clear explanation of all the important aspects of the profession, you will get the opportunity to practice under the guidance of experts who can point out to you the mistakes, orient you, and give many invaluable tips which will help you in the future. Courses usually have a clear syllabus, homework assignments, and even a diploma project that can be included in a portfolio. All these assignments are of course not simple, but you can always ask for advice or help in the write my essay service to cope with it as best as possible. All in all, learning from online schools is one of the best options you can choose to master the profession of a marketer.

  • Internship at a company¬†

You can also try to get an internship at a company that does marketing. Often they hire newcomers and teach them all the necessary skills, and then the students can stay as full-time employees there. The only difficulty is the interview, which you have to pass at the beginning. By this point, it is important to have at least theoretical knowledge and a great desire to work for the company, because the employer should like you.

To become a good marketer, you need constant development and practice. Here, as in any other business, practice is important. If there is an opportunity, it is better to apply for a corresponding job, attend thematic events, listen to webinars, communicate with experts, and attend a mentor program.

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