Digital Marketing

The marketing world has been changing ever since the first object in history was sold, and it’s only gotten more effective with time. The purpose of a good marketing campaign is to reach as many people that exist in your target market as possible, and for decades now the most relevant way to do this has been through television and radio. These two devices were the funnel through which an enormous wave of advertising flowed to the public, and until very recently they have been the most effective means of reaching your audience, but all of that changed with the invention of the internet and subsequently, digital marketing.

So, with the help of experienced SEO agency Digital Next, we’ve looked to the present and future to see what changes are happening across the marketing landscape.

Leaving the Past in the Past

The time in which television and radio dominated the marketing world is over, and it’s important for businesses to understand the enormity of that statement. It is very likely that we all have lived in a world where those two forms of communication were king in the world of business, and in one fell swoop, the internet has taken out the lion’s share of the market.

To put it a more numerically succinct way, a highly successful television show would be one that got more than a few million views per episode, once a week usually. In comparison, an ad within a google search page might be viewed that many times or more in a one hour period, every hour of a day for months. The results are staggering, and it clearly shows that digital marketing begun to encroach on the territory of its predecessors in a big way.

With that said, these marketing platforms are far from dead.

Studies over the last few years have suggested that consumers are more willing to trust TV advertising than its online counterpart. Because of this, many companies have found success through developing cohesive TV and digital marketing campaigns; utilising TV and radio advertising to connect with demographics that are less engaged with online platforms.

Revolutionising the World of Marketing

digital marketing trends
As well as this enormous impact that digital marketing has made on the other forms of advertising, it has caused a shift of the platforms that affect the way we buy and sell products. Before, print marketing represented a specific kind of advertising and catered to a specific kind of market, whereas now print marketing can direct your target market to your digital presence, and therefore boost your overall exposure.

The blending of these platforms means a more generalised audience for your business, making digital media both a specialised field to directly advertise to your target market and a blanket tool to use to draw more people into your audience.

Targeted Advertising Reaching It’s Peak

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The main feature of digital marketing in 2017 is it’s ability to find an individual in your target market and specifically advertise to that person. This is an enormous step in the field of marketing, and it heralds the beginning of the future of marketing in the modern age.

Imagine that you are interested in buying a guitar, for instance, and you make several Google searches that enquire about the price of guitars, kinds of guitars, and locations of guitar stores. Google now knows that you are looking for guitars and can advertise a guitar store in your price bracket to you directly. That represents a huge development for people like the owner of the guitar store and for major companies as well, because it means a rise in the right people finding your advertisement at the right time, no longer leaving that all-important interaction to chance.

The world of digital marketing is changing rapidly as marketing always has, and keeping on the forefront is easier than ever with entire companies now dedicated to understanding search engine algorithms and the best ways to get your business to the top of a browser window. If there was ever a time to jump into digital marketing with both feet, now is it.