Every business’s primary goal is to sell, and with such fierce competition, it’s critical to use effective marketing methods in order to stand out.

Explainer videos have shown to be quite effective in terms of increasing sales. It’s the ideal sales-boosting marketing tactic. One of the format’s greatest successes came in 2009, when it helped Dropbox increase its conversion rate by 10%, resulting in 10 million new customers and $48 million in more income.

You can make a compelling video if you genuinely understand your target audience. Customers will not be able to pull their gaze away from an intriguing video. Explainer videos boost client retention, attract new consumers, and boost conversions.

One of the most notable advantages of videos is their ability to ‘explain’ in a concise and entertaining way. Explainer videos are short films that communicate a fascinating story about a service, product, or even a business concept.

From the perspective of the consumer, videos are the first step in their journey since they need to learn about the product or service.

To get the most out of a video, you need to aim it at the appropriate people and publish it in the proper locations. Simply said, you’ll need a solid video explain marketing approach.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use videos to improve sales and make your company more profitable.

Why are explainer videos so important?

Customers and brands form a relationship via explainer videos. A fantastic custom-made video that mixes a gripping story and characters with incredible animation. All of this, together with the use of complementary colors and a focus on the target audience, resulting in a human connection.

The brand will have a position in the thoughts of your target buyers if the video is interesting enough to make an impression.

Videos may also help your business get more visible on Google and YouTube. More people will see your brand as a result of improved exposure, which will ultimately lead to more sales.

Marketing videos, according to 52 percent of marketers throughout the world, provide the greatest return on investment.

Top 7 methods to use videos to increase sales

Make an explainer video and post it on your website

Your website is the first and most important location to upload your video. Rather of reading a lengthy amount of text, your website visitors would welcome a short film presenting your goods and services.

A video on your website adds aesthetic appeal while also providing a quick overview of your services.

Include a call-to-action (CTA)

A compelling call-to-action in the video will entice your visitors to convert. Without a CTA, customers will be unable to take any further action after seeing a video.

More conversions will result from a video that is accompanied with a CTA and a marketing message on your website. If viewers like your explainer video, they are more likely to click on the CTA, which will send them to a particular web page and urge them to take action.

Adding videos to your email list is a good idea

Although it may seem to be outdated, email marketing is still quite effective for businesses.Including an explanatory video in your email list boosts its efficacy and potential consumer involvement. Rather of reading about your product or service in an email, your consumers would prefer to watch a movie about it.

Upload videos to your social media profiles

For successful brand advertising, an engaging video is required. It’s all about being creative on social media. A social media animated explainer film creatively presents a company or product. Furthermore, social media is the most efficient technique to raise brand exposure.

To promote your videos, use blogging tactics

On your company’s blog, build a following for your videos. Publish articles where you may utilize videos to visually illustrate your product or service. Blogs are a great method to get your animated explainers in front of your current audience or buyers. This is a two-for-one deal. You can promote video content while also increasing the public appeal of your blog.

Incorporate a video into your sales presentation

You may think that making an appeal to your audience to increase sales is the most obvious thing to do. According to Forbes, 58 percent of businesses and consumers would rather watch a quick video displaying a company’s goods and services than listen to long sales pitches.

In this article, we learned what video explainers are, why they are useful, and how they can help your business. We hope that you have highlighted something new or interesting for yourself.