Your website promotion is a key factor for reaching your business goals. The quality and effectiveness of this enterprise define the overall performance of your brand. That is why backlink building remains an essential part of marketing strategies among successful entrepreneurs. 

Here we will cover the basics of SEO backlinks and help you integrate this tactic into your promotion strategy. Put this knowledge in your pipe and enjoy impressive results right away as well as in the long run!

What Makes SEO Links Effective?

Inherently, backlink building is as simple as it is: requesting or making other websites link back to you. The benefits you get from this process are rather obvious, too: the more links you have, the more partnerships you establish and the more people get to know you directly. Therefore, you get more traffic and reach your business goals. 

Quality SEO backlinks, however, make Google rank you higher, as your website seems trustworthy and authoritative. Actually, if you ignore SEO principles in your link-building strategy, you will fail and can even harm your whole promotional campaign. Here is what SEO backlinks imply:

  1. The authority of the website and the page that is linking to you. The higher their rank is, the greater impact they will have on your SEO link building
  2. The relevance of the linking website. Links from the whole other niches add little to no value to your performance.
  3. Link placement. Your backlink should be placed organically in the body of the post rather than in the sidebars or the footer of the page.
  4. The link goes along with an appropriate anchor text. That is essential if you want your link to look natural. The anchor should reflect the content of the page you are linking to.

In fact, there are not so many useful SEO tactics as for 2021. You need to be selective while managing your backlink profile not to lose your chance or even get banned by Google. 

With so much said, backlink building may sound complex and time-consuming. But the outcomes are worth your effort. You can learn it from the cases of successful companies with great performance. We are here to help you and share the best tips on how to create SEO backlinks that work. 

5+1 Tips for SEO Link Building in 2021

1. Consider Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is beneficial especially for those who only start to promote their business sites. It is a win-win solution for both sides: you present your product, service, or content to a new public, and the hosting website gets new quality content.

You can choose the website and place the backlinks in the post on your own. That gives you the freedom to do everything in the best and most profitable way. However, do not forget to focus on reader-friendly info, not on your service. In this way, your backlinks complement the content and will not look obtrusive. 

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2. Write Testimonials

Testimonials are great for every business. It is the way to show off your progress and the positive experiences provided to your clients. So, like guest posting, you can gain advantages of writing testimonials and help your partners at the same time.

Website hosts will gladly accept your reviews and add a link to your profile or website straight away. If they do not link to you, just request a backlink nicely, and they will surely accept that. 

3. Mentions VS Backlinks

Turning the mentions of your brand into backlinks may be relevant for already experienced business owners that are known in their industry. Some people may mention your name in their content, but do not link directly to your website. 

By using backlink tracking services, find those mentions and contact the authors of the content. Ask them politely to complement the mention with a link to your website and enjoy your expended SEO backlink profile.

4. Broken Link Building

Broken backlinks are those that refer to non-existing web pages. Dead links worsen your backlink profile and thus harm your overall performance. The broken link-building method is another way to work for both your and your partners’ success.

Identify dead links on other websites and email their owners to let them know they have such a problem. Then, offer them to replace a broken link with a link to your website. Most likely, they will readily do that and be grateful to you for that.

5. Track Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Another great way to get even more SEO backlinks is to track the common backlinks of your competitors. There are special services to identify and analyze those common links. If your competitors have them, why can’t you grab them, too?

Bonus Tip

Top SEO backlinks are all about cooperation with other business and website owners. However, if this process seems to burden you, reach out to a link-building company or backlinks and referring domain service. Save your time and effort and entrust the SEO link-building process to professionals, and focus on other things that matter for your business.

Before You Start

We have listed the most effective ways to get SEO-friendly backlinks in 2021. But the trends change, and you need to keep up with them to gain long-lasting results. Expand your knowledge, find more here to educate yourself about backlink strategies, and succeed in your promotional campaign.

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