As a business owner who wants to create a company app, or someone who has a brilliant idea about one, you want a developer that will turn your vision into the best app there is. You must know that not every type of app and not every industry is the same.

Every app has different needs. Some of them are excellent for one thing, while others are better at something else. Your idea might be spectacular, but it requires programming that is not possible with every language.

In this article, we’re showing you how to choose different programming languages, and with it, different app developers based on what these languages can do. See what some of the most popular ones out there are best for. Keep up and learn more about it.

Swift for an iOS app

Swift is a relatively new programming language built from scratch to meet the growing demands of iOS developers. It is the ultimate best programming language used for iOS apps, and most of them are created with this one.

If you want to capture users’ attention with significant spending power and build an iOS app, you’ll want to find a Swift development crew to make what you have as an idea.

Java if it’s an Android app

As an opposing force to the iOS devices, there is the Android platform. iOS users are financially more powerful, but Android users are more numerous, which means that you’ll need an Android skilled app developer too.

The best option for Android apps is Java. This popular programming language can be found all over the internet as one of the most versatile languages. It can be used for many other platforms too, which is why it is so commonly used. Java is also excellent for building apps that need offline usage, a feature essential for app users.

Python for finding a fast solution

Python is probably the most popular programming language in the world today. It’s very easy to learn everything about it and become skilled immediately, which is why so many Python developers are available on the market at any time.

If you want something done fast and be sure that it will work perfectly, hire a Python developer. This language is excellent for combining it with C and C++ programs and is perfect for developing AI, data science technologies, and FinTech programs. However, it’s not the best option for mobile apps, so have this in mind.

Flutter for cross-platform apps

Flutter is one of the newest programming languages, created in 2017. It is the best programming language to work across various platforms, such as Windows, iOS, Android, Google Fuchsia, Linux, and the World Wide Web.

It’s not easy finding Flutter developers but be sure that getting an app made with Flutter will give you a fantastic product. Search the internet for the best Flutter development company, and hire them if you want to see miracles.

C++ for desktop apps

The foundation of everything we see on the internet is the language C. The extension in C++ was only logical because of the never-ending demand for new features that need to be comprehended. This being said, you understand why someone would hire a C++ development team for their apps.

However, its complexity is not the perfect one for mobile but desktop apps. If you’re planning to build something that will be operative on a laptop or a desktop computer, you want a developer skilled in C++. After all, this is the basic language that every serious developer must know.


Before hiring anyone or going further with the developing app project, you must learn the best way to do it. You had the chance to learn more about some of today’s most popular programming languages and what they are best for.

According to the points from above, you should hire a Swift developer for your iOS project and a Java developer for the Android app. Python is an excellent all-around language but not the best for mobile apps, while Flutter is a cross-platform perfection. Finally, C++ is the foundation of programming, and you might want to consider this one too.

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