How to Download All of Your Google Search History

Are you a heavy Googler? Do you use Google on daily basis? Heck, who doesn’t, it has become an internal part of our lives, whenever we need answers or want to explore a new topic — we turn our attention to Google, and all that it has to offer, and over the years it has evolved to be quite the machinery.

In the latest headlines, Google is launching a service that allows you to download all of your past Google searches, up to the ones that you’ve done today. You can learn more about this on the official “Download your past searches” page at Google.

Google   History

I’ve uploaded the full snapshot of my own Google History page, which you can preview at this link. I’ve also attributed two different arrows:

  1. The first one is on the top right corner, which shows where you need to click in order to download all of your search data.
  2. The second one is slightly below, which highlights how many searches have you done in total. For me, it’s just a lousy 26,000 — nothing exceptional, but neither is the length of this Google account that I’m using.

everything else seems to be business as usual. To note, the exported data will become available from within your Google Drive dashboard, and will be sorted out on a month to month basis, in JSON format. I’m not quite sure whether that is going to change in the future or not.

It was long known that you could view your Google search history, but not download it, so now that the feature is available, we’re only wondering what the purpose of it might be. Many of the top news outlets have reported these news as well, including TheNextWeb, VentureBeat, and 9to5Google.

Hopefully this helps you learn something new, and perhaps you might even find good purpose for it — all I can think about is the vast amount of opportunity to learn about the way Google is evolving, and the way it is going to start learning more about our lives, on a much deeper level. Whether a good or a bad thing, is hard to decide.