Shopping ads are an exceptional way of boosting traffic and conversions in your online store. So, If you’re an online retailer looking for price intelligence software to help you get extra out of your shopping campaigns, there are a few straightforward actions you can take. 

Regardless of where you are for your Shopping campaign adventure, right here are the top seven matters I’d endorse to take your campaigns to the next degree. 

1. Present Google with the Right Information

A Shopping ad assembles a bunch of data to deliver an ad to a user ultimately. For larger retailers, it regularly takes teamwork to make sure that you’re presenting Google with the appropriate set of data for the great feasible advert.

As a search engine marketer, you and your group may be primarily involved with your Shopping campaigns within AdWords and you may also have some control over your Merchant Center account. So you’ll probably have to work with special groups for things like information feeds, your product catalog, and pricing. For example, an AdWords practitioner can also rely on a feed crew to avoid breakages (like unavailable products) and locate the best possibilities (like the area of niche products you might not be promoting yet).

So, stressing the importance of the information you send through your product feed regarding pricing and stock and linking that to price intelligence platforms, I must say that I recently came across Netrivals price intelligence solutions for retailers and it really impressed me for several reasons. 

What is really impressive about this platform is the fact that it allows you to create a competitive product feed for your Google Shopping campaigns. If you send products in which you are truly competitive, you’ll have better chances of getting more clicks, traffic and conversions for your online store. Netrivals allows you to benchmark your product catalog to that of your competitors’ at a pricing and stock level. So, thanks to that, you can become more competitive and spot opportunities to make more profits when you are the only competitor with stock.

2. Improve the Quality of Your Product Data and Let It Do the Talking

Like many, I’ve been doing search ads for years down the line. Shopping commercials are a far more current addition to the online advertising landscape. As a result, a group of people follows a conventional paid search mentality to their Shopping campaigns. While that can be an excellent aspect, there are some pitfalls to keep away from.

However, the biggest difference is that you have product information in place of a keyword list. Your website (and your product) hook up with user queries like they continually did, however, the mechanism for that connection is one-of-a-kind. Focus on your product records. Focus on product information accounts for different conditions — conditions where keywords won’t usually match the intent exactly. 

User’s motivation for looking out for a product or service means such a user is ready to buy at that moment. I recognize that people love having control over their accounts (it’s one of these matters all search marketers have found out through the years), however, that mindset can simply lead you to create loads extra work for yourself. Overly problematic Shopping campaigns that try and replicate a product level, keyword-like shape are a terrible idea. They are ache to hold, and they don’t even improve overall performance. I’ve even seen cases in which they make matters worse. I’d propose less difficult structures like grouping through famous manufacturers, classes or profit margins.

You ought to use such things as campaign priorities to direct traffic, but trying to force Shopping ads into a textual content advert mentality can do greater damage than good.

3. Submit a Competitive Inventory

Submit your stock to Merchant Center and make sure that you are truly sending products for which you have stock and that you are truly competitive for. More merchandise means greater probabilities to get in front of clients. However, if your store is not among the most competitive ones, you probably will get clicks that will end up in no conversions for your online store.

It does not matter the sector your store is within. Whether it is sports, cosmetics, etc., potential customers will be looking for a good price for value. So if you’re not offering competitive prices and shipping conditions,  you’re probably losing a lot of opportunities of sending potential customers to your shop in front of your competitors. 

If people are more willing to click on a product to buy it, that will impact positively your ROAS. So, for e-commerce business, price intelligence software is extremely useful, not only to determine if you’re competitive enough or not. But also to make the most of your Google Shopping campaign spending. What is the point of people clicking on your ads if they are not going to buy because you are just too expensive compared to competitors?

4. Try Strategies like Smart Bidding

You can still optimize product-derivative (query-with the aid of-question, truely) together with your Shopping commercials. Both superior value-consistent with-click on (ECPC) and Target ROAS set bids based on the unique context of each question; relying on that context, the identical query could have wild values. 

Smart Bidding is the first-rate way to get query-level bidding. It’s the only way to set bids particular to each query, in reality. With ECPC, you place your bids for the product group, then those bids are tweaked both up or down for each auction to maximize the total conversions you may get hold of at that bid. 

However, target ROAS does more of the heavy lifting and all you have to do is offer a target return to optimize.

5. Build Your Brand with Showcase Google Shopping Ads

As you move about finding suitable images to add to your product data, you should additionally reflect on imparting a more complete image of your brand on Shopping. 

Showcase Shopping ads are much more likely to be exposed when people look for widespread items — for example, think “lighting” in preference to “hand blown glass 3-light lantern.”

Showcase Shopping ads are a first-rate way to reveal off a selection of products that you offer. 

They’re additionally a tremendous manner to reach people in advance of their purchase adventure.


Shopping commercials deliver super results for customers and advertisers. Hopefully, you’ve been able to pick up a new tactic or two from this article. Trust me, you could use any of these tips to improve the overall performance of your Shopping campaigns.