Data on Google Analytics

Understanding what Google Analytics is and how it works is very vital for anyone who is interested in creating and starting a website. While, Google Analytics may not be the easiest thing to understand, but it’s not extremely difficult either . Most importantly, Google Analytics is free to use and if you are not taking advantage of Google Analytics at this moment, you are going to miss out on a lot of fun.

In case you still don’t know what is Google Analytics, Google Analytics is an analytic delivery platform created by Google that tells the website owners about stats pertaining to their website such as how their website is doing, how many visitors they are getting, where the visitors are coming from and so on!
Google Analytic Delivery Platform
You see, you have to understand one thing. Running and making money using a website or managing a huge base of traffic is not something that everyone can accomplish. This happens with your confidence, skills and the extreme ability to judge the situations.

There are certain things that you need to understand from Google Adsense. These are the basics that you should never avoid. Let’s have a look at some of the core ones that you must be aware about.

Traffic Numbers

The first thing that Google Analytics tells you is the traffic that is flocking to your website. If you are running a website, you must know how much traffic you are getting right? There is no website owner out there who will say that they run a website but they are not interested to know how many people visit their blog and how many do not. It is that simple.
Google Analytics
Now, there are other methods to know how much traffic your website is getting in a day, but that is not a viable method. You have to understand that there is no better tracker out there than Google itself and thus, you have to go with the best one here.

Engagement Rate

You can find all the data required to see the engagement rate in Standard reports>audience>behavior>engagement, but we have to understand how to interpret the data that you see.

Engagement basically tells you how long someone is visiting your website for and in that duration, whether he or she is on one page or moving around your website. This is important because this will tell you which pages are doing well and on which pages you need to work more. Google always likes pages which sends people to another internal page of your website. And Google also likes it when someone stays long enough on your webpage and does not click the back option. These are the indicators that your website provides valuable information.

Now, what can you do with the data that you will see here? Well, there are a lot that you can do. At first, you can make sure that the bounce rate is dealt with properly. If you had a low bounce rate before, it is time that you take that to new heights by utilizing the info from the engagement rate.
Google Analytics Engagement Rate

Traffic Source

This is probably the more important ever information that Google Analytics will tell you. You need to know where your traffic is coming from. Are they coming from Facebook or other social media? Are they coming from some place in Russia? Where does your audience live? What sites are sending them to your website? These are important questions to know the answers of. If you pay enough attention to your traffic source, you will quickly realize that there are methods to either increase your traffic or play along using your information. Let’s go with an example.

Suppose you are doing heavy promotions on Facebook and also on LinkedIn. Now, if you do not have access to Google Analytics, you will never know which promotion is bringing you the result. After you use analytics and find out which platform is doing well, you can simply divert your efforts to that platform and reduce the efforts on the other one. That is the benefit of finding traffic source from Google Analytics.

Visitor Flow

This is another vital thing to know. You have to understand the path your traffic is taking on your website once they come here. There is a lot to learn. You see, it sounds simple to go ahead and build a website but the actual case is pretty different. You have to make sure that you understand everything about your website to see real success.

If you do not have enough knowledge on what your traffic does on the website, you will never be able to understand whether the next pages you are building are right or wrong. Let’s go with another example. Suppose, someone has a law related website or blog. Now, people go to that website to only read information on business law. That person also has information on marriage and other laws but people are only interested in business law. This clearly shows that the traffic the website is receiving comprise mostly of people who are interested in business law.

Now, if the owner of that website does not use Google Analytics, he will never know that after people visit his website, they quickly go to the business law menu. The owner will think that his website is doing well and continue building content for all the departments such as marriage and other laws, which is a waste of time and energy better spent elsewhere.
Continue Building Content
This is why it is important to know the visitor flow.

To Manage Business Better

There is no better way to manage your business other than managing it based on data. You might feel that this content type will work better or that content type will ruin everything, but you need solid information to back you up. Even if you are the sole and only owner of the business, you have to be logical if you really want to see success. Google Analytics is the first step towards that. That is why, you should never ignore the power of Google Analytics.