Reading the mind of strangers is not at all possible. However, most of you have to deal with unacquainted people daily. Be it your new babysitter, a new renter, or a new employee, interacting with new people and allowing them to enter your workplace and home is risky. Even your newly shifted neighbor might have wrong intentions. That is why; you should always go for a background check.

Well stalking someone illegally is punishable. But there are other ways and platforms to proceed with the searching game without even investing a single penny. If you are willing to discover them all, read till the end.  

Search core data with Radaris 

The one that is to mention in the first place while discussing the background check media is the people-finder tools. In this regard, considering the name of Radaris is extremely important. While most of the alternative sites ask for a subscription, Radaris is a completely free people search platform.

Here, with only mentioning the name and location code of the individual, you will be able to find out everything. Starting from the basic info like current address, photos, and contact details, it provides you sensitive data too.

With it, you can easily find out somebody’s court and criminal records, marriage records, sexual crimes, and so on. Moreover, for refining the vast accounts, Radaris provides you with different filter options.  

Look for your acquaintances in social networking sites 

Apart from the completely free people search tools, another legal path of tracking someone online is through the social media platform. As per the estimation, above 80% of the people have an account on the renowned social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Let’s talk about Facebook as an example. If the person you want to search has a Facebook ID, you can easily search him/her through her name. However, in some cases, people choose to use their account in a fake name. For such matters, you look them up by their contact number.

All you need to do is entering the contact number in the same search bar where you usually type the name of an individual.

Check employment history with ZoomInfo

Running a business body is undoubtedly hectic. The toughest part is the recruitment procedure. Politics and phishing are quite common in offices. Hence, before recruiting someone new in the workplace, your first job is to check the employment history of the very candidate.

ZoomInfo can help you in this case. Even if the applicants stay far away, you can conveniently fetch information about him/her through this completely free people search website. The platform accesses the public domains, public job profiles, government records just to serve you with reliable details. Similar to Radaris, ZoomInfo too allows you to sort out the searching through a few filter options. 

Keeping aside all the above-discussed platform, regular search engines like Google can assist you in finding some essential details about your fancied person. However, the information in ordinary search engines can be altered easily. Thus, opting for the people-finder tools will be the finest choice to make.