Different brands have different ad campaigns, ideas, and images, but there are a few points they share. These points make their Instagram ads so effective and let them reach the hearts of the right audience. Let’s see what these points are so that you can use them too!

Align your ads with your general strategy

Your ads are always a part of something bigger, be it a marketing strategy, a great idea of your blog, or whatever else. Your ad campaign should be in tune with the things you do; it should appeal to the audience you create your goods for and share the same values that your brand has. This will allow it to feel natural and draw the attention of genuinely interested people, not just random bystanders.

If you have other social media campaigns, think about making them all similar. For example, if you want to use outer services along with the classic promotion, choose the one that fits the best, read Jarvee review to see what other people think about this service and choose the needed type of promotion. Adjust your Instagram ads to look in the same vein as your other brand features: the color scheme, slogans, general layout, and other small things that our brain subconsciously uses to categorize things. Your ads should fit the particular social media platform, but they should fit your brand even more. Don’t sacrifice your brand identity to social media standards. Instagram is for you to use, not vice versa!

Give attention to the images

Instagram is a heavily graphical social media network. People come to this platform to see something beautiful, entertaining, funny, or amazing. So, to run a successful ad campaign, you have to create high-quality graphical content. Make some high-resolution photos of your product, some short films for stories, and lots of smiling faces just to keep people at your profile. Whatever the images are, they should make them stop scrolling and have a closer look at what you have to offer. Your pictures should be not only of high quality but also captivating.

Another function of the images is the call to action. They must urge people to click on them or to look attentively. Use unusual points of view, different angles, and close shots to trigger natural human curiosity. Contrasts, combinations of your goods, and other objects and unexpected backgrounds are your friends here!

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Hashtags and keywords

Hashtags function similar to the Google search engine for Instagram. You use hashtags both to make your content visible in the search and to ‘hype’ on the popular hashtags. When everyone is looking for something particular, adding the hashtag about this thing will drive a huge stream of leads to your page. Most of them will be not engaged, of course (because they were searching for something entirely different), but still, lots of people will see your post, and that’s what we are working for, right?

It is okay to add as many hashtags as you can or as Instagram allows, but usually, a dozen of them are enough to cover all the major fields of interest and precisely transcribe your post’s main idea. A post without hashtags has fewer chances to be found by the target audience. A post with too many of them will attract too many random people.

Work with statistics and feedback

The Instagram Insights statistics maybe not the best application in the world, but it does provide enough data to process and understand if your ad campaign performs well. Compare your promoted posts with organic ones, check if you have the right audience attracted, and, of course, how many of the new visitors have been converted into leads. Possibly, some posts will be much more popular than the others. Try to analyze them and define the traits that were appreciated by the audience. Gradually, this trial and error method will allow you to build the perfect ad campaign based on the true needs and preferences of your audience.

Also, check the live feedback from your customers. Always ask what they like or dislike in your service or products, carefully process the direct messages and remember that if someone feels so excited or disappointed that they decided to write you a message, these feelings are really strong and need to be taken into consideration.

There are many more tips for effective Instagram ads, but these four are the main ones. Follow the rules that the most popular companies follow, and you’ll reach the same success with your own ad campaign!

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