Getting your hard drive broken and suffering data loss is not a pleasant experience. When a hard drive seems dead, the occurrence is very stressful if your data is not secured like iPhone Backup in iCloud. The way of salvaging data from a broken drive is not similar to regular recovery. At first, the dead drive needs to be fixed. After that, a good recovery tool will be required to safely salvage the data. In this article, we will share the entire procedure of getting back data from a damaged hard drive.

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Reasons for broken hard drive

A hard drive usually gets damaged by hit or drop. In that case, any internal part of a hard drive can be broken. When you need to recover data from a broken hard drive, you must identify the precise explanation for this impairment. Here we mention some more points that cause physical damage to a hard drive.

  • If it loses the spindle motor’s efficiency, it will fail to move on the platters. 
  • The wreck of “Read” and “Write” heads will destroy the data detecting ability.
  • A power surge may seriously harm the platters and the heads.
  • The arrival of any liquid can generate sparks inside, or disrupt the electrical velocity.
  • Overheating may harm the disk platters by destroying the magnetic surface.

Can a broken hard drive be recovered?

In most cases, broken hard drives can be retrieved unless the damage is non-recoverable. You have to verify the level of impairment and apply accurate actions. At first, check out if a computer can detect the drive. Besides, closely notice any clicking noise and a burning smell coming out from the drive. If you are an expert, you should be able to identify what is going on inside. But, in the case of uncertainty, always meet a professional for better accomplishment.

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How to Salvage data from a broken hard drive?

A broken hard drive also results in data loss. This is a particular occurrence where two steps need to be applied. Before you retrieve data from a broken hard drive, the dead drive should be repaired to make it alive. After a successful refit, we can retrieve the vanished data using a data recovery tool like Recuva. Here are some effortless steps to follow for recovering files from a broken hard drive.

Step 1: Download Recuva and install it on your PC. After that, launch this tool and go to the Advanced Mode.

Step 2: After opening a new window, click on Option.

Step 3: A dialog box will open. Select the Actions tab from the box. Now, tick-mark the checkbox of Scan for non-detected files and press OK.

Step 4: Finally, click the Scan tab to start the recovery. After a full scan, Recuva will list all non-detected files from the damaged disks. Select all of them and click on the Recover” button.

Note: The restoration technique is adequate to restore the data from broken drives. However, some data can be non-recoverable due to serious physical damage.

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