When you design, or have web design services, create your webpage, you need more than just your and the developers opinion about the design aspect of your site. You need to take the time to get the opinion of your users. There are many different tools that can be used to judge the effectiveness of your web design. Some of the most popular tools that are used to determine this include:

  • A tool such as User Testing is very effective in determining good website design. This tool can help you identify any major problem areas and know what you need to fix to make the site more user friendly.
  • Google Analytics: This is a must-use, free, tool for any website. It will provide you with factors such as your bounce rate, the time customers spend on your site, and referral traffic that you receive. There are also other insights that it provides that offer you valuable information about the success of your site.
  • KISSmetircs: This is another popular analytics tool. It provides things such as conversion funnels, A/B testing and other features that provide you the ability to understand the visitors to your site. This tool can be used to benefit both small and large businesses.
  • If you choose to have videos on your website landing page, it may be a good idea to utilize premium video hosting; this is, however, if your budget allows it. Some of the most popular providers are Vidyard and Wistia.

The design of your site is crucial to the overall effectiveness of the page. Keep in mind, testing the website is not just a one-time event; however the data that drives your business and helps it grow. It is important to be certain that you use the testing and analyzing tools continuously in order to ensure the continued success of your site.

Attractive Design

The Earning Factor of an Attractive Design

Another important factor to consider or your web design is how attractive the site is. In most cases, when you improve your website design, it will lead to more sales. But this only leads to more sales when you have established your goals to do this. It is crucial that you begin with the goal to earn more and then implement the “how’s” in order to achieve your goal.

The only way you can increase your earning factor with your website is by:

  • Getting customer insights. This can be done with surveys or user feedback.
  • Using tests that will increase your business objectives and goals.
  • Continually take time to get feedback from your customers and never cease.

You may find a huge improvement in the look of your site, simply by de-cluttering the page. An improved looking site can help increase customer retention as well as the trustworthiness of the site, which will aid in the number of people who look at the website.

It your site has caused you some concern, then you should take a step back and consider what can be changed in order improve the look and feel.

The Bottom Line

If you are still unsure of how to get your website going, then working with a Web design company may be the best option. They will be able to evaluate the existing site you have and recommend changes. If you don’t have a plan or any ideas, they will also sit down with you to help and come up with some ideas for a new site.

Web design companies will also be able to provide a number of other services to ensure that your site not only meets your needs, but also the needs of your customers. They can help you develop content and even create a keyword strategy. Don’t overlook the importance of quality website design, since this is essentially the face of your company to the general public. Taking the time to find quality, knowledgeable web designers will pay off and help you achieve the message and look you want for your brand.