Many of us don’t think about it, but every time you use the internet on your mobile phone, someone could be spying on you. The snoopers get to see every site you visit, and the worst thing is that you’re not even aware it is going on.  However, a VPN will give browsing privacy and a host of other features. 

What a VPN does is it becomes the buffer between you and the internet. Instead of connecting directly to a site, you will connect to the VPN server, which will then reroute you to the page you want to visit. 

Why You Need A VPN?

Other than the privacy, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will give you an additional layer of security.  If you are using public Wi-Fi networks, it will make it harder for the network owners or internet service providers (ISP) to see what you are doing.  You also significantly reduce the possibility of a scammer getting access to you through the internet. You, therefore, get to secure your data meaning you can carry audio banking transactions or email Communications without any fear.

Having a VPN will also give you online anonymity that you may not be able to get from the website proxies or IP software.  You can also get to change your IP address to different countries, thereby allowing you access to a wide range of websites.

You also get the advantage of being able to access restricted websites.  You will find restrictions on platforms such as BBC iPlayer which is not accessible to the people in the United States. A VPN   will allow you access to blocked websites by making them think you are connecting from approved areas.

Having the right VPN also means that you have remote control of the information you need.  You can also share files if you have multiple devices that you connect to your VPN of choice. 

Once you create your VPN network, you will find that the cost of maintenance is very low.

VPN Needs

What to Consider When Choosing A VPN?

If you are, for example looking for VPN for Android phone, there are certain things you will need to consider.  These include:-

  • Compatibility – is the VPN you choose compatible with Android? Some of them may not be the best option for this platform. The one you want should allow you to connect to as many operating systems as you possibly can 
  • High-speed so that it does not slow down your browsing experience with slow-loading pages
  •  Secure encryption for that extra layer of security 
  • look for one with a  no login policy  so that your information does not exist on any site you visit
  •  A paid service will give you more benefits than the free ones. We are not saying that you cannot find legitimate free VPNs, but they do have their challenges. These include lack of a reliable connection and slow speed
  • VPN that allows you to have a free trial is a good option because you get to decide whether or not it is what you are looking for
  •   Reliability  with regard to connectivity is critical so that you do not get any interruptions in your browsing experience
  •  Look for one that has a large number of servers all over the globe for better user experience. 
  •  make sure that the VPN  provider has a privacy policy which will help protect you from them accessing your data anytime they feel they need to  
  •  Customer support is critical; you do not want to experience downtime and not be able to access the right tech team to assist with the issue. you should be able to reach them on multiple channels including phone, email and live chat 
  • Read the customer reviews to know what customer support is like.

Setting up a VPN service

You will find many VPN options available in the market.  Make sure you do a thorough review so that you know what each one of them offers you. Some of the VPN’s we would recommend include Surfshark, NordVPN,  ExpressVPN, TorGuard, AirVPN, IPVarnish and Private internet access. You will find that the ones we have picked have features such as excellent speed, right configuration settings, and reasonable pricing. It does not, however, mean that you do not do your research on what you are signing on to. 

Setting up a VPN is not a complicated process.  Most come with easy to install instructions, and will not interfere with the running of your phone, because they run in the background.  The VPN will recommend the servers that are close to you, thereby ensuring that you get faster speeds. You, however, have the option of choosing the server depending on the location or country you want.  Do note, the further you are away from the VPN server, the lower your connection speed may be. 

Once you install and activate your new VPN, you get to enjoy the benefit of filtering of Internet traffic on your phone.  As we have stated, above, it will not interfere with the regular running of your phone. You can, therefore, continue to enjoy your SMS and calling services as usual. 

1. VPN for Android setup

Setting up a VPN for an Android phone is not a complicated process. You should use a VPN service because of the convenience it offers you. Go to the Google Play store on your Android device and download the VPN app.  You will find both free and paid app options, but we would recommend that you consider the latter. The installation instructions are straightforward to follow. Most VPNs require that you open an account, and then download the app from the Google Play store.  You will then, log in by entering your account details and password after which you will follow the prompts. 

2. What You Need To Watch Out For

Inasmuch as VPNs offer so much functionality, it would be wise to be careful about transmitting very sensitive data through them.  You need to be exceptionally watchful on the free ones because they do not have that added layer of security as you would get on the paid once.  If all you do is general browsing, then you can always go for the low-cost option. 

You also need to know that a VPN may slow down your connections, depending on how far away from the server you are.

Final Thoughts

The internet is a wonderful tool, but you need to be able to enjoy it without worrying about anyone accessing your information.  You also want to maintain anonymity while online, and getting the right VPN will assist with this. Do your research well to ensure that the VPN you get is suitable for your needs.