The only thing that almost all businessmen agree on is that online campaigning and platforms have become more crucial to running a successful business. If you want to capture the eyes and wallets of the hundreds of millions of consumers that browse the internet, you have to have a comprehensive and modern marketing campaign that takes into account all the intricacies and pitfalls of online marketing. YouTube is one of the most visited online platforms and has huge potential for mounting a successful campaign. This article will help YouTubers looking to increase their revenue learn how to make themselves more valuable for businesses and gain a substantial income through advertising.

Why Would Businesses Want to Deal with YouTubers Instead of YouTube’s Built-In Ad Platform?

While the built-in ad platform is extremely competent, and it is an excellent way to advertise for your business in a data-driven approach, it is still quite limiting beyond the basics. If you buy ads through the built-in ad platform, you’ll only be able to put up short video clips, banners, and that’s it. That’s the extent of the flexibility you have when advertising. With the overuse of ad blocks, that means there’s no way a business can even reach half of the population viewing YouTube. 

You, as a YouTuber, have the direct ears of your viewers. You have extensive knowledge of their hobbies, age, and location. You know what they’ll respond positively too, and what things they don’t care about. These are all highly valuable information for businesses. If you can convince a business that signing up with you will drive their products’ sales up, they’ll immediately sign up with you. Not to mention, you have a lot of ways you can create attractive and successful ads that aren’t possible any other way. You can joking share it with your followers, you can turn it into a competition, etc. There are a lot of creative and fun ways you can introduce a product or a business. 

How to Successfully Outreach to Businesses? 

Contracting Business

If you want to successfully have a base of businesses that want to use your YouTube channel to advertise their products, you need to learn how to make your channel and your model more attractive to customers: 

  • Show your skills at presenting products and services: the main thing they’ll care about is how you’ll be presenting their products. If the business manager saw you could sell their products effectively, was relatable, and seemed genuine, then they’d love it. Don’t sweat it, though, everyone’s style of presentation is different, and you should choose one that you are comfortable with and know your followers will like. 
  • Demonstrate your outreaching skills: show, with data, how effectively you can use your platform to engage with your follower-base and can influence their actions. If they see that your ads are extremely effective with your base and generate a good rate of returns, they’ll value your services more. 
  • Learn which businesses to outreach to and how to approach them: every business has unique goals and a vision for their future, if you want them to do business with you, you have to show how you can help them achieve those goals. When you’re contacting businesses, you should speak to them about things you know they are interested in, figures that demonstrate your value, and your previous experience. 


If you have a relatively successful YouTube channel, then you need to know how to market yourself to businesses and get advertisement deals. Of course, this isn’t an easy thing, and it takes a lot of preparation and research to be successful. It’ll be worth it, however, as diversification is one of the key components of a YouTube channel surviving. If you want to have a YouTube channel for two years from now, you have to have more than one source of income. This is a step in the right direction, but not the end of the road, as you have to create a patronage account, maybe stream on Twitch, and be active on social media. The best way to do all these is to use a centralized platform like to help you manage all the different tasks and make the process easier.