We’ve all been there before – looking for inspiration to be individual and one of a kind, make our pages stand out on Instagram users’ feeds! But, how do we remain individual yet equally be trendy and up-to-date all at the same time? Well, you need to put some real spin on the latest trends and use all of the brand-new features that Instagram offers! “How do I do that?” you might be wondering, well, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best Instagram New Features that you can use on Instagram to market your brand or business as best as possible, let’s get started and help your brand grow! Asking yourself “How do I get more followers on Instagram?”  Harness these Instagram new features today and watch your account grow and find out more about how to grow social media success by hopping onto this link here: https://www.techtimes.com/articles/271978/20220217/8-top-strategies-for-social-media-success.htm.

Reels of…REELS!  

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I get more followers on Instagram?” This one’s for you! Perhaps the most significant of Instagram New Features is the Reels feature. In essence, Reels are short videos that people can watch, laugh along with, learn from or relate to! Reels allow Instagram users to follow trends and even to use sounds (or not) that resonate with their content, and they are great to use to showcase your exciting new products. Reels are effective and powerful, as they give you a clever new way to get your message across in a brief, engaging video.  Furthermore, people can scroll through reels – and they won’t even notice where the time has gone, they’re that engaging. Another excellent aspect of Reels is that when you use them, they instantly appear on your followers’ (and potential followers’) pages, meaning you grow your Instagram account.  

Check Out TikTok!

Of course, the Instagram Reels feature is heavily inspired by TikTok, so whilst you’re at it, don’t forget to look at what TikTok has to offer, check out the latest trends and go and film some of your own Reels.  If you have both social media accounts, post to both and maximize growth! 

Story Sticker Links

Another awesome one of the new Instagram New Features for creators and brands is what’s known as Story Links. With these, you can link your website to a story, and thus direct traffic to your page. Perhaps you have a new product you want to showcase or an article you really need to get out there? Well, it’s simple. Create a cool story with a photo of your product, or even a story linked to one of your all-new Reels, and then attach the “Link” sticker, making sure to include the URL before you finish. This feature means you get to showcase products on your stories, so your customers and followers see it too, in an instant.  Just sit back, relax, and watch that website traffic grow (oh, and also make sure to read more of our articles to continue growing your Instagram page, so that you have the ultimate Instagram account)! 

Collab With Your Mates! 

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could share a post with your friends? What about if you could share likes to help grow your page? Or if you could collab with a business or influencer? Well, now you can! Here’s another one of Instagram’s New Features. 

Recently, Instagram introduced Collabs, so now you’re able to share a post with another account. This type of sharing includes any follows and likes, and you can direct traffic to your Instagram page through another page. Using this feature, people see the collaborators on the relevant page and are able to (and most definitely will) click on the profile of the other collaborator and – ooh, is that just a new follower you gained? So, Instagram Collabs allow businesses and influencers to work very closely with other accounts, helping with growth. 

Track Your Page’s Progress!

With the new calendar feature, businesses now can track their account’s progress over the past thirty to sixty days, as opposed to having to rely on a third-party analytics provider. Now everything can be done using an easy app! To do this, businesses just use the “Insight” tool on Instagram, and based on these analytics and traffic, you can easily plan your next social media marketing move. This is one of the greatest Instagram new features.

The Add Yours Feature – Really Adding To Your Page’s Growth! 

Instagram recently released the “Add Yours” feature, where influencers, businesses and any ‘Instagrammer’ can create an “Add Yours”.  What does that mean for you?  So, now you can create a story with a button for people to add it to their own stories. When doing an “Add yours” or when you view one, people can also see who originally created it. This is an awesome way for brands and influencers to be creative and cool, whilst also beginning some uber-cool trends. 

Schedule and Calendar

If you know when you want to create a live stream, and if you want to get people to sign up and get notified when you are going live, this feature is for you. With this new feature, you can schedule a live stream and allow your users to see the calendar event and sign up. There’s even the option to get your followers notified exactly when you are about to go live. This feature can help you grow and promote your brand. Furthermore, you get a cool badge added to your profile when you have a “live” scheduled, bet you like this one of Instagram’s new features!

The Exclusive Subscription Feature – Great Instagram New Features!

Subscriptions can help with bringing in some cash and adding some “exclusivity” to your page. With subscriptions, accounts can deliver live streams to their subscribers, and differentiate subscribers when sending DMs by adding a badge to their names. That means you always recognize and respond to your loyal followers.  Subscriptions are cash-based, so it’s a clever way to bring in some extra revenue. Another useful aspect with subscriptions is that you can share exclusive posts or do some subscriber-only “lives”. This means you really connect with your followers, even on a one-to-one if you want to, consider this – it makes your followers feel extra-special. This feature is hot off the press, and only currently available to some accounts, although, with time, we suspect that it will soon be available to all. 

To Wrap It All Up… 

There are always so many Instagram new features, and by using these Instagram new features, you can maximize growth, helping your products, brand or account to grow. So, go for it! Explore and use Instagram Features to your best advantage, be trendy but be cool and unique too. Don’t forget – while it’s not a new feature – you still need Instagram hashtags, find out more about adding them to your Insta posts by clicking on this link here:https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/general/2064680/what-you-need-to-know-about-instagram-hashtags.html.  Have some fun, and grow that Insta account! 

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