Learning how to code is essential for any aspiring web or app developer. If you consider the rate at which the tools and platforms that we are using everyday are changing, you will realize that the few technical skills that you have already learned can easily go out of date and also out of fashion. The only thing that will make sense is the understanding you have about the processes used in the creation of these platforms. In addition, you also need to know about the internalization of the methods programmers use so as to arrive at the final product.

Learning how to code is not just for programmers but for everyone, and there is no age limit as to when one can start or stop learning how to code. The skills acquired can help if you are planning to change you career, or just to add some skills to your skill set. Coding skills can change your life for good. Many employers these days prefer to hire someone with such skills because they are in a better position to face and deal with everyday life challenges. A person with more skills especially those pertaining to technology will no longer stand still and turn away for challenges because he has all it takes to take action and plunge forward. Here are some games that can help you learn how to code:

1. The code monkey

This is a fun and exciting game that is mainly used by teachers to teach children how to code. In the game, kids get to learn coding by catching bananas, a pretty easy thing to do, which eventually makes learning easy. Furthermore, this encourages the use of color, and the injection of a little bit of humor. You will be required to sign up in order to get started, after which you can learn coding from the beginning level to a higher level. Learners using this game do not need to have a previous knowledge in coding. This makes it the best platform to use for anyone that is getting started. It is very engaging, therefore you can be sure to learn lots after a few log ins. You also get to practice through online as well as offline activities, which can improve your skills really fast.

2. The coding game

This is an amazing way to learn and practice as you enjoy some fun. A learner is able to practice pure code and to learn new concepts by solving some fun challenges provided by the game. The game is available in more than 25 languages and it addresses all the important programming topics to make you a coding expert by the time you are done playing. The best part is that you get to learn from the best people in programming and in just a few hours, you are able to discover totally new languages, tricks and algorithms in courses that have been designed by some of the best developers in the industry. It is very easy to become an expert when learning how to code using the coding game. The platform uses an approach that has been designed in a manner that you proceed to the next level after mastering the skills in the previous level.

3. Check io

This is a browser based game that can help in learning how to code and improving skills until the student masters the coding skills fully. In the game, you are required to solve problems in python in order to proceed to the next level. You are able to improve your skills based on the solutions that have been provided by other users. You are also able to build your space base, with which you will conquer the other bases using your code skills to show just how good you are becoming in coding. You are required to sign up though in order to start playing. With this kind of playing, you will master skills systematically, from one level to the other.

4. Cyber Dojo

This is an amazing space where programmers can practice their programming skills in order to see how well they are progressing. It is able to support JavaScript, Python. PHP, Java, Ruby and other popular programming languages in use today. It is a free online coding platform that is accessible to anyone who has an interest in coding. You can set up a new practice session every time you log in for maximum practice. It is a great way to practice programming as you enjoy some fun in playing games you would love.

5. The code combat

This is a platform that gives learners an opportunity to learn some computer science while enjoying fun through playing real game. The code compact is a community project that is made up of many players who have volunteered in order to create levels through which all players must go through. The game offers support for Java, JavaScript, Coffee Script, Lua and Python. In the game, you learn programming through a multi-player live coding strategy. It is a great way for beginners to start. The code combat is so far known as the most engaging game for those who want to learn programming. The good thing is that the platform is accessible to anyone; therefore, there is no limitation as to who can learn coding.

There is no harm in learning something new especially if it is a skill that will improve your life in more than one way. That is why learning how to code is important not just for programmers but for general users as well. With so many benefits of learning how to code, and a lot of easy and exciting ways to learn how to code available over the internet today, people should come out in large numbers to learn skills that will be useful even in their careers and life in general. This is also a skill that will place you in a better position as an employee.