Any website requires good web hosting. Regarded as the foundation of any website, web hosting can shield your site from any potential downtime—which can hurt its operation. So, if you want the most out of your site, web hosting is the way to go. Pick a reliable UK web host today. On those lines, here are the top web hosting tips and tricks you should know

Free Domain Gimmick

Of course, the free domain can be tempting. However, before choosing a free domain, you should understand some basic fundamentals. First, understand who owns that particular domain. Of course, the domain may be free. However, the ownership is retained by the hosting company. This means that you will have to partner with the company forever. Otherwise, you will need to part with huge chunks of money to purchase back the domain. Plus, the first year may be free. However, you will need to renew the subsequent years. This can cost more—especially if you will be charged a constant amount on top of the renewal fee. So, don’t rush into partnering with free web hosting providers. Investigate first to ensure that it’s affordable and convenient.

Separate Domain & Hosting

Find the best domain registrar. Get a trustworthy as well as dependable register. Remember, your online identity is the domain name. Of course, it’s convenient and cheaper to have shared hosting. However, things can be challenging in case the company decides to shut down its doors. In these cases, it will go down together with your domain.

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Get It Right with Bandwidth, Disk Space TOS

Before choosing a web hosting company, consider reading the bandwidth. Don’t forget about the disk space. These aspects will determine the performance of your site. This is especially important to those with shared web hosting. Go for a host that will allow you to scale up your operations. Remember, your site may potentially grow in the future. Thus, you need scalable features.

Unlimited Storage

It’s tempting to believe that unlimited storage is the way to go, right? Well, things on the ground can be different. Of course, most web hosting companies will want you to believe in unlimited storage. However, there is nothing like unlimited storage. That’s why you should carefully read your site’s TOS. Here, you will come across sections that mention things like CPU/Server Usage. So, don’t be lured into CPU/Server Usage promises. Read the TOS carefully.

Research First

Don’t just choose any web hosting service. Be sure to get it right with your research. Read reviews. Read the complaints. Consider all customer complaints.  Stay away from web hosting companies with excessive negative reviews.

Have Your Backup

Of course, web hosting companies may offer excellent backup services. However, it’s important to have your own backup plans. Don’t entirely tryst web hosting service when it comes to backup. Conduct off-site backups.

The Bottom-Line

The above are common web hosting tricks you need to know. These are the tips and tricks to will help you get the best out of your web hosting service.

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