Shared hosting is an increasingly popular hosting solution. It’s what keeps your website running efficiently. But how do you pick the right service? Well, here are some of the key features you should always check out for when seeking to purchase a shared web hosting service.

Disk Space

When shopping around for a shared web host, you need adequate disk space. This will allow you to sore different code files, databases, as well as media.

The smaller your website is, the less the amount of disk space you’ll need. But now that you’ve created a website, you’ll want customers to easily access that data. And that’s where bandwidth comes in. Bandwidth works just like a tunnel. The wider a tunnel is, the larger the volume of information that can pass through it. Most web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth but limit traffic speed, which could significantly affect the performance of your website.


Support is extremely important. And this is particularly true if you’re new to web hosting. Browse the internet and check different reviews regarding the support offered by your web host candidates.

When making your initial steps in web hosting management, you’ll probably have many questions, requiring immediate answers. That’s exactly why the working speed of your hosting company’s customer support is so crucial.

Pre-Installed Apps

Most web host providers include incorporating additional features into their shared plans. They’ll offer unlimited options, extra-fee services, as well as, pre-installed apps. But it’s always better to concentrate on pre-installed apps.

These special widgets will help you design an attractive website faster and manage it more efficiently. And one of the basic apps is a control panel. With this app, you’ll be able to control complex server processes through a convenient interface.

Free Bonuses

To attract more clients, web hosting companies usually offer free bonuses. There are those that will gift you with a free domain name, site-building tools, and website transfer.

However, you should always be careful about their “renewal fees”. The company will give you a free domain name for the first year, but later on, you’ll be required to pay annual fees. Be sure to read the user agreement more carefully, especially if the company you’re considering offers free features.


Uptime generally refers to the time when your website operates online and when people can access it without any trouble. If your project isn’t too big, you might not necessarily need 100m percent uptime. When it comes to shared hosting, the level of 98 percent is common.

But this isn’t the only factor you should take into consideration. You should also pay close attention to other security features included in the plan. For instance, you should check if the package includes services, such as advanced network architecture, RAID, manual server restart, and server backup.

The Bottom-line

SiteGround web hosting is a combination of complex functions, as well as, hardware features. For you to find the perfect solution, you’ll need to understand some technical processes. Above are some of the things you should look for in a web hosting service. 

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