Do you know that 52% of consumers make an additional purchase from a company after a positive customer service experience?

What’s more, the same suggests that customers find live chat software a convenient form of communication to reach out to a brand to get support. In a nutshell, live chat is slowly taking over the other means of communication such as email, voice calls, social media, and web form.

This is where you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What makes live chat a preferred platform for customers?
  • Should live chat implementation mean that your operators shouldn’t use other support platforms?
  • Should you add live chat to a WordPress website to provide instant support or to capture more leads for your business.

There can be a list of questions that you need to ask yourself when you think of live chat for the WordPress website. That’s because a live chat tool can help your operators to:

  • Provide instant support
  • Personalize support experience
  • Capture qualified leads for your business
  • Boost customer engagement on the website in real-time
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer loyalty

With the implementation of live chat for WordPress, you get to attain way more benefits that we’ll explore in the article further.

The above-mentioned benefits are important for a brand to incorporate if they wish to position themselves well in the market. And, the use of live chat can help them improve brand value. When users visit your website, they should have a platform to communicate or reach out to your brand faster.

This makes live chat extremely useful for businesses that are committed to building brand value by delivering top-notch customer service. If your business hasn’t already made use of live chat software, it’s high time you start looking into it. In fact, live chat should be a part of every support and brand marketing strategy for any modern business, regardless of the industry.

Five Effective Ways to Improve Brand Value Using Live Chat

Now let’s discuss how your business can improve brand value by using live chat for your WordPress website.

1. Live Chat Delivers Overall Great Customer Service

Live Chat Delivers Overall Great Customer Service

Live chat offers two major advantages for customers over other forms of communication 

  • the ability to receive immediate/fast responses
  • talking to a real person.

If customers use email, social media, or a web form, they often have to wait for hours and sometimes even days to get responses from representatives. According to EConsultancy, 79% of consumers favor live chat support as it allows for almost instant responses. Next, 46% of consumers agree that live chat is the most efficient way of communicating with a support team, while 29% of consumers think that the information they received from live chat agents is better than what they received over email.

Besides, they are more satisfied knowing that they are chatting with a real person whose job is to answer their queries and resolve their issues. 

This is how live chat software like ProProfs Chat helps businesses deliver better customer service. There is little to no wait time to receive responses from the chat operator. All customer queries are attended to by a real person with great problem-solving skills, and it’s easy to describe an issue or question clearly. It also becomes easier to be guided by the operator through text in real-time.

Live Chat can also be an excellent tool to get useful customer feedback that can improve the products and services.

With these advantages, your business can easily deliver great customer service in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner for both parties, which further contributes to building brand value.

2. Live Chat Improves Brand Loyalty Among Customers

Here is how to develop a branding strategy – make sure that your services are creating an experience that provides value to customers. As a business, you need to ensure that your interactions with customers are memorable and impressionable. What better way to accomplish this than to enhance the most highly-valued touchpoint?

Live chat enables your business to engage with existing customers as well as prospects. With each interaction, you have an opportunity to positively increase your brand awareness

For example, if a visitor to your site is using live chat to complain about a product/service that they aren’t happy with. The approach that you use to respond can change their brand experience with your business. The live chat feature allows you to respond promptly without customers having to wait for hours or even days to have their questions answered and issues resolved.

They may use the live chat to complain initially, but by the end of the interaction, their takeaway would be that your business provides excellent customer service. Besides, live chat allows you to resolve a trivial issue quickly before it compounds into major errors.

 All these contribute toward building customer loyalty.

3. Live Chat Brings Convenience to Customers

Live Chat Brings Convenience to Customers

What do customers value in a brand? Easy and convenient methods of interaction that can still deliver quality service. In other words, they want to engage with brands in a way that will cause the least disruption to their daily lives without having to compromise on the quality of service they receive.

This is where live chat comes in. It’s simple, convenient and allows customers to multi-task. More than 51 percent of customers say that they like to use the live chat feature on websites because it enables them to multi-task. This is because live chat is very much like texting on phones, which all of us are accustomed to.

For example, if a customer raises an issue using live chat and they don’t immediately get a response, they can still carry on with other work. They are not required to type out long emails either, and they don’t have to stare at the screen and wait for a reply. This ease of use can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction levels and is a good reason why live chat should be a part of your brand marketing strategy.

4. Live Chat Boosts User Experience On Your Website

Your website is an essential part of your business. It’s the digital representation of what your business is all about and what your brand can offer to customers. As such, it is critical that you provide existing customers and prospects with a superior user interface when they visit your website. One important element of any good business website or e-commerce platform is a live chat feature.

When visitors land on your site, seeing a live chat feature assures them that whatever query they have, whatever issue they may face, you will always be there with them to assist them throughout their journey. Besides, a live chat is simple and to-the-point. Customers report their problems, and it’s fixed within minutes. They ask a question, and it’s answered immediately. This process enhances the website experience for any visitor, thus helping you improve your brand value.

5. Live Chat Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge

Live chat is a relatively new technology that many businesses still haven’t implemented in their brand marketing strategy. Across industries, many businesses are yet to discover just how beneficial having a live chat feature on their websites can be. The list of benefits are inclusive of the following.

  • 24X7 availability
  • Improved purchase path
  • In-depth reports to assess brand and operator performance
  • Proactive communication channel
  • Understand visitor’s intent on your website with real-time monitoring
  • Resolve customer questions faster by routing them to the right department
  • Announce sales, discounts, product updates and more

This implies that your business has a competitive advantage if you make live chat available for your customers and prospects. The idea behind this is to use live chat as a way to attract leads and convert them into loyal customers before competitors get their hands on them. As you can see, live chat offers plenty of advantages that could help your business improve your brand value with a 360-degree approach of creating better satisfaction levels.